self care…


Self care daily is essential to a happy life.

Below are some of my favorite things to do for my own self care…

  1. meditation
  2. journaling
  3. honor your commitments to yourself
  4. be gentle with yourself- give yourself a break
  5. take a break to relax and recharge
  6. get a good long sleep
  7. exercise or movement daily
  8. take care of my environment, keep it tidy and clean
  9. eat healthy – get a health coach to address your needs
  10. pretty myself – hair care, skin care, teeth care, nail care, body care, makeup, etc. Do what you need to do to feel beautiful inside and out, in your own right
  11. stand tall (power pose)- radiate the confidence you feel deep inside
  12. celebrate the small things in life
  13. practice gratitude
  14. drink lots of water, it’s so good for you in so many ways
  15. learn something new  – continuing education
  16. reading fiction and non-fiction

These are some of the things I do each day to help me be a better person and take care of myself. Show yourself some love. Take care.

I also recommend popping over to Hannah B’s site and reading up on her self-care posts.

Please comment below how you do your self-care routine.

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taking care of yourself…

What’s one thing you can do today to take better care of yourself? We don’t always put ourselves first, we don’t always take care of ourselves. Gosh knows I don’t always put myself first in my life. But you must, it’s imperative you take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

One thing I enjoy doing and makes me feel good is taking care of my skin. I enjoy a good face mask at least once if not twice a week.  (more…)

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