This weekend, Fourth Of July weekend 2016, I embark on ANOTHER move in my life.

I recently moved back to the Cincinnati, Ohio area from Florida, but to a temporary home. Well, we finally found a place to live, in Liberty Township, Ohio. Near West Chester, Ohio, where my husband works. It’s a 2 bedroom apartment in Liberty Center. A wonderful place to live with a luxury movie theater, lots of retail shopping, a park, 2 apartment buildings, offices, and lots of great restaurants. Yes, imagine living in the burbs but walking to Starbucks which is located in my apartment building. The idea of Liberty Center totally caught my eye years ago in it’s planning stages and now they built it. I always desired to move there. Now I am. Manifesting what you want in life really works!

As I prepare to move again, I am faced with creating a moving plan. One that actually will take some time as I have the majority of my “stuff|furniture” moved up from Florida storage. Everything will be taken in steps over the next month, month and half. I am grateful I don’t have to do much packing, since everything is still packed in my temporary home.

As we embark on another move, it reminds me that I would like to “downsize” my furniture more and simplify my life as much as possible. This won’t be our last move in the next few years I am sure. We actually have moved some 6-8 times in 15 years. I did some downsizing when I packed up house in Florida this spring but there is always room to improve on that.


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Being a #girlboss Part Two…


A little more information about being a #girlboss…

  1. We take care of ourselves first and foremost. Self Care is key to being a #girlboss.
  2. Sleep – be sure to get the optimal hours you need to have a nightly healing sleep routine – I need 10 hours
  3. Eat healthy well balanced diets – you can follow me on my Whole30 journey here on the blog.
  4. Hydration – with water is key to keeping your whole body running smoothly. Mind and body.
  5. Exercise & Play – moderate physical activity daily is key to keep your energy high and feeling good. Play is just as important too. Do something you love everyday. Or at least be sure to schedule in some play time each week.
  6. Gratitude Daily – Being grateful for what we have will get you far. Try this journal to get you started. 
  7. Effective Time Management – I use a paper planner (like an Erin Condren Life Planner) and a digital calendar to organize my time effectively
  8. Stay Organized – I have systems, yes it sounds all fancy but it’s essential. Systems of how I do certain things and work as key to keeping me organized and staying that way week to week. Simple as keeping checklists of routine tasks I do. This insures from project to project each clients work gets done correctly.

Read my blog post on building a solid foundation for your life.

Read this article from the lovely and wonderful Alexis at Strange and Charmed.

What do you think is most important about being a #girlboss? Let me know in the comments.

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my new Inkwell Press planner 2016-2017…


My new Inkwell Press 2016-2017 planner is here! I bought it in wood chevron cause I love the color blue. Inkwell press has wonderful thick paper to write on. I bought the original layout. I have the flex layout for my A5 Filofax. New planners are in stock at Inkwell Press now. Get yours today. Want more close up photos of my planner? Please let me know in the comments and I will do another post. This planner starts July 1st, 2016 so I won’t have decorated and used it till then.

I also have been buying some wonderful new planner stickers from my favorite etsy shops like Penny Lane Planning. Jessica ships super fast and has great product. I highly recommend her stuff.


See photos of what I bought below.

stickers v1

stickers v2

Needed some meeting stickers, love the weather stickers, and cute daily habits stickers too.

Who else loves to decorate their planner? Leave a comment below if you wish.

I also purchased from Inkwell Press a weekly Kickstart notepad. I love to set this on my desk for work related business items that need to be planned out. I also ordered a Fitness Planner and some more planning pads, look for that blog entry soon.




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Effective time management tip…

Time blocking. The best workers out there make good use of their time at work. They do not let their inbox dictate their work schedule. Instead they use time blocking. A technique where you block out time on your daily schedule to work on certain projects, items, things, etc. Keeping your focus on this one thing really improves your quality of work and efficiency.

Remember to also block out some down time/breaks, planning time, and eating time, like lunch. We can find ourselves in a time warp and lunch has passed us by. No breaks either, this can cause undo stress on your mind and body. Stress is bad in more ways than one. It’s not necessary to live with undo stress we can combat it. You’ll feel better for it I promise.

I use a timer, like,  to help me stay focused for a certain amount of time I have blocked out. When times up, it’s time for a break and then another tip I have for you is, go to another type of activity. Work on one thing for say 1 hour then break for 15 minutes, then work on some other type of thing for another 1 hour. This eliminates burn out, and massive brain fog. Switching between activities really relieves your mind.

DO NOT multi-task when you block time, turn off all notifications and focus on the one task at hand. Remember you schedule in your break time, so don’t worry, you can always check your email then. Humans can’t necessarily multitask anyways. Bombarding your brain with more than one thing only slows it down. Multitasking lowers your work quality and efficiency. Read this article for more into on multi-tasking.

For more info on time blocking read this.


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tips to creating new habits…

Creating a new habit in your daily life can be hard but I have a few tips for you that might make it easier. Below are tips that I use.

I like to use a daily checklist reminder to help me develop a new habit, I use the reminder for 45 days at least. The optimal time it takes to develop a new habit. I print out the checklist on sticker paper and post it in my planner. Each morning, I set out to accomplish these small tasks, before I begin my day. Checking them off as I go. I even review the checklist at night when I do my planning for the next day, to see if I missed anything important that I want to be sure gets done on that day. These things are very important to me and I want to be sure to develop good daily habits. See image below for a sampling of my daily morning routine checklist. (more…)

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