for the love of coffee…


I love coffee! Do you? I can’t seem to wake up and deal with the world unless I have at least a cup of coffee early in the morning.



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a step outside my comfort zone…

A new view.

A new routine.

A step outside my comfort zone. Which means doing something I normally would never do. Leave my home. I work from home all day, I need sometime away from home too. Away from my comfort zone. Get inspiration, converse with others, be around other people and take in the sunrise.

A new routine for me, 4-5 days a week, meet me at Starbucks. Taking some time for myself every work day to start my day off right. Take sometime to really enjoy my coffee, and write for the blog. Use my bujo and brain dump. Write out my thoughts for the day. Take it slow and enjoy is the theme. The theme to start my day off right.

What are you doing to start your day off right? Anything new you’re trying for the new year, 2017?


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latest coffee concoction…


My latest coffee concoction whole30 approved R1D10.

Boil Water / Mix all ingredients until coconut oil melted and blended well, with a hand foamer.

I like to think of this as my #bulletproof coffee.




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