30 Day Minimalist Challenge by Rachel Aust…

I am starting, this weekend, Rachel Aust’s 30 Day Minimalist Challenge. She has a video all about it on her YouTube channel. One of my favorite YouTube channels out there.  It’s a older video but totally relevant if you wish to start a minimalist life.  She also has a document linked in the description of that video; a downloadable PDF for you to use. How about getting started today?

I personally want to change a few things in my life and starting a journey to minimalism is one of them (it’s something I have thought about for a few years now). For 2018 I want to start off right. That’s why I am using this challenge as a base for my starting off point.  I want to become very conscious of my spending habits and lifestyle. I want to own less. I want to deal with less clutter in my everyday life and home. I want a capsule wardrobe. I find I can be a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to certain areas of my life for example: skincare. Why don’t I just trim it all down and spend less money on things I don’t need nor use often? Quality over quantity.

Where can you extend your life towards a minimalist attitude? Pick one thing and start today.

See her video below…enjoy… (more…)

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#2015BlogReady challenge…

I wanted to highlight a little challenge I have signed up for this summer. The lovely Raine is hosting a #2015BlogReady challenge this summer. You can visit her site by clicking here.

What’s it all about…wanna get your blog really moving and grooving the way you want it too? Need some inspiration? Need someone to light a fire under your butt to post better content? Wanna grow your online business with your blog? Need help even starting a blog? Well, this challenge is for you. Join us! I am in, are you?




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