favorite hair brush…


My NEW favorite hair brush of all time, so glad I found The Wet Brush! It’s amazing for my tangled wet hair. I have hair that easily tangles when wet and this is a hair savior. I like it so much more than the Tangle Teaser brush too. Even when my hair is short, it tangles. Even when I condition it, it tangles. This tames tangles so easily. I highly recommend it. I found mine at Target but you can get it on too.

Have you tried it yet? If so please comment.

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Aveda Botanical Kinetics Skin Care…


I am giving AVEDA botanical kinetics dry/normal skin care line/kit a try.

I used to shop AVEDA a lot a long time ago. But found myself switching over to Origins line most recent years. I have dry to normal skin. Even in the summer staying in A/C all the time, dries my skin out a lot. In winter it’s pretty dry too. My age also has something to do with that. Dryer skin comes with age. I want a line of products that helps keep my skin glowing.


What new skincare are you enjoying this summer? Leave a comment below, let me know. I am always open to suggestions.

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taking care of yourself…

What’s one thing you can do today to take better care of yourself? We don’t always put ourselves first, we don’t always take care of ourselves. Gosh knows I don’t always put myself first in my life. But you must, it’s imperative you take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

One thing I enjoy doing and makes me feel good is taking care of my skin. I enjoy a good face mask at least once if not twice a week.  (more…)

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