Stress Relief in your life…

Stress is never a good thing for your mental and physical health.

Helpful Tips to Minimize Stress in your life.

Recently for many months I experienced daily high stress with my job. So I quit! I had to quit. My body and mind were in a bad place each day. Stress was taking over my life and personally hurting me. My mental health suffered and my body was just giving out. All signs pointed to the fact I was stressed out on a daily basis. I would cope with stress any way I could, one habit I developed was eating out and drinking a few times a week as a way to cope. Not a goal of mine, I actually wanted to limit my eating out weekly. But felt so powerless when stressed to do anything about it. Stress does this to us, it’s weakens our resolve.

Now that I have quit my day to day outside the home job, I have found so much more peace. Below is a list of things I do to cope with stress and find wellness again in my life.

  • Meditation
  • Vitamins, Herbs, and Minerals Supplements
  • Eating better, more vegetables and fruit, green smoothies
  • Working out to relieve excess stress\energy, movement always a good idea
  • Reading, fiction or non-fiction
  • Having a schedule to follow and a to-do list
  • More water to drink, less caffeine
  • Get out in nature, a tune yourself to it’s rhythm
  • Find JOY in a hobby, what lights you up and be creative with
  • Purge, example, excess clothing you don’t wear, make a capsule wardrobe
  • Get more sleep, your body needs it
  • Develop a morning and evening routine, this helps ground you more in the day, and be more productive
  • Aromatherapy
  • Journal – get it out of your head and onto paper

What are some things you do to combat stress in your life? Comment below.

Living a life full of stress is not good for body or mind. I’ve seen a family members die to high stress. I know what kind of toll it takes on your life. Less stress = happier life. My hope is for you to have less stress in your life too.

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