Products for time management…

Not all products are created equally. Find what works best for you.

What do you use to manage your time with? What products like pen and paper work best for you? Do you use a agenda? A digital calendar? Post-it notes? Etc…

I myself have a couple time management products I like to use. A bullet journal for all my ideas swirling around in my head, a brain dump of items for my business. A digital calendar, Google Calendar, to remind me of all the things I did that day. My Powersheets Goal Setting notebook to keep me on track with my goals of intention and goodness. Lastly I use a Erin Condren Vertical design Life Planner to memory keep my days and weeks with. It may seem like I use a lot of things but each one serves a purpose and I have time in my life to “play” with them all. Or should I say I make time to play? It’s important to me to plan my life and schedule. It’s important to me to memory keep my life in a fun and creative way.

Below are some links of the various items I use. I also included some links to the products on their respective websites.

It may seem like alot of things to use, so on a day when I am rushed, I at minimum use my Google Calendar for everything. I love having digital reminders of my appointments and tasks that need to be completed at a specific time. I set notifications and my phone reminds me when to leave for an appointment or my iWatch tells me my next item up on my calendar. I’d say my Google Calendar is my all in one planner.

In comments below let me know what you use and why?

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