P1010715.JPGI recently decided I wanted to try a 6 ring binder system as a planner. I choose a lovely blue A5 Domino FiloFax. I like the ability to change things around as I need to and add/subtract things too. A 6 ring binder system really gives you some room to grow and change. I am currently using this planner for my work/business planner. Housing projects, goals, calendar, notes, and more. I still love my Erin Condren planners but I use them for other record keeping items like my exercise/weight loss planner. See this previous post regarding my Erin Condren planners.

Here are some pictures of my current set-up. I will update you from time to time with new post/pictures on my 6 ring binder journey. I recently pre-ordered a new 6 ring binder from Marion Smith Designs website @marionsmithdesigns . Heart of Gold 2nd Edition A5. It should be out sometime in August 2015. Click above to check it out.


Some items are purchased from various etsy shops, other items have been purchased at Target, like the big cupcake sticker I used on my dashboard. The coffee cup magnetic bookmark is from craftedvan. The frappuccino paperclips are from emileespeaks.

What size and style of planner do you prefer? Please feel free to leave a comment below. Or if you have any questions for me please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks.

Love and light,