This weekend, Fourth Of July weekend 2016, I embark on ANOTHER move in my life.

I recently moved back to the Cincinnati, Ohio area from Florida, but to a temporary home. Well, we finally found a place to live, in Liberty Township, Ohio. Near West Chester, Ohio, where my husband works. It’s a 2 bedroom apartment in Liberty Center. A wonderful place to live with a luxury movie theater, lots of retail shopping, a park, 2 apartment buildings, offices, and lots of great restaurants. Yes, imagine living in the burbs but walking to Starbucks which is located in my apartment building. The idea of Liberty Center totally caught my eye years ago in it’s planning stages and now they built it. I always desired to move there. Now I am. Manifesting what you want in life really works!

As I prepare to move again, I am faced with creating a moving plan. One that actually will take some time as I have the majority of my “stuff|furniture” moved up from Florida storage. Everything will be taken in steps over the next month, month and half. I am grateful I don’t have to do much packing, since everything is still packed in my temporary home.

As we embark on another move, it reminds me that I would like to “downsize” my furniture more and simplify my life as much as possible. This won’t be our last move in the next few years I am sure. We actually have moved some 6-8 times in 15 years. I did some downsizing when I packed up house in Florida this spring but there is always room to improve on that.

Planning (rough draft)…

  1. Decide what goes first, easiest things are what is right in front of me in my temporary home.
  2. Gather into one staging area all the boxes and stuff that need to go first, to be sure final check it really does go with me
  3. Call moving company and schedule movers to move all my BIG stuff (all my furniture) from Florida storage
  4. Go to IKEA and pickup some new bedroom furniture. Yes, part of my downsizing project. I have a HUGE heavy all wood bedroom suite right now, I plan on giving to my in-laws.
  5. Order new bed, I am giving GhostBed a try! (I’ll review this later on)
  6. Plan on dates to assembly IKEA furniture. We are pretty good at this part, I’ve put together my fair share of IKEA furniture over the years.
  7. When Florida delivery arrives, sort it out. I am not keeping it all. I downsized some before the move but I plan on doing more. It’s donation time!
  8. Unpack it all and begin to settle in.

Note: Yes, we have decided to buy some new furniture. Note, I choose IKEA. After all my years of buying furniture, I want light weight, simple, cost effective stuff. IKEA is that! You get what you pay for with IKEA, it’s not overly priced furniture which is what ALL furniture stores charge for their products. Did you know there is a HUGE markup in the furniture business (like 300%)!?!? This move will change out some furniture I have.This is me working on living a minimalist lifestyle, which I will explain in more detail down the road.


You see, I have had the BIG 4 bedroom 2 story home but it was too big. Then we moved to 1400 sq ft 3 bedroom apartment in Florida, now I embark on an even smaller 900 sq ft 2 bedroom apartment in Ohio. I’ve bought the expensive BIG heavy beautiful furniture for my big home to fill it up, but did it fill me up? No. I want a simple small life, I need furniture that is easy to move, be more cost effective, and live light. I want small easy to move decor too. Box after box of decor doesn’t make me happy either. Another reason I am moving to an apartment? I don’t want a mortgage right now. Been there done that too. Not worth it to me, to tie up all my money in a home and spend a lot on BIG monthly mortgage payments when I know I will just move again. This move will not be our last move. I want to live light and simple. I want to break free from so many possessions. Filling up my home with a lot of furniture and decor does not make me happy. This opinion is about me & my family, I know many happy people in their big beautiful decorated furnished homes. It’s just my opinion. I too can appreciate a big beautifully decorated home but for me right now, it’s just not my thing. Thanks for reading.

How are you living a minimalist life? Are you moving anytime soon? What’s your plan? Do you plan on downsizing? Best wishes … please comment below.