As I embark on moving into yet another new home for my family this coming weekend, I am thinking about all the NEW routines I need to organize and establish. YET… keeping my life as simple and easy as possible.

I encourage you to check out cleanmama.net’s website with me. As I collect my ideas, thoughts, products, and inspiration to clean my home and keep it clean! I am very lucky to be moving into a brand new apartment, so keeping it sparkling clean from the beginning is easy. I also will be embarking on switching most all my cleaning routine to less harmful to humans, pets, and environment products.


She has wonderful cleaning printable’s you can buy and use in your own life. She has a wonderful daily cleaning schedule that helps you get your home ship shape in about 30 minutes a day. She has wonderful DYI environmentally friendly cleaning products too. All sorts of good stuff. And wonderful daily inspiration. Who doesn’t need inspiration to keep a clean home? I do!!

cleanmama.net…Homekeeping Society is a great place to really get your home together too…


Overwhelmed? Feel like your home is always in a state of disaster that you can’t get a handle on?   Need some guidance and a lot of grace? The HOMEKEEPING SOCIETY is the perfect place for you!

I also have a slew of pinned articles on my Homekeeping Pinterest board that might help you too. It’s where I keep my inspiration and articles to consider.

One major change for my new home is to reduce my chemical cleaning dependency. I recently bought Wool Dryer Balls from Thrive Market to try in my dryer. Instead of dryer sheets. I can also use my essential oils with them to scent my laundry, if I so desire.


What are some of your favorite homekeeping websites or tips | tricks? Comment below.