evernote ss

My holy grail organizer is Evernote. I keep all my important stuff there and more. It’s one powerful tool. I do pay yearly for the Premium version @ $49.99/year. It’s well worth it for my business to keep things straight.

I use Evernote to organize my life and it is cross platform capable. So when I update on my phone it updates to my PC desktop and vice verse.

Things I keep in my Evernote…

  • Notes on household items I need like what size vacuum cleaner bag do I need for my vacuum?
  • Lists of things I need to remember and update now and again.
  • Use Evernote Clipper to save GREAT web articles and such.
  • Ideas I have.
  • Penultimate docs via my iPad.
  • Skitch docs via my iPhone.
  • To Do list for things like household maintenance.
  • Special shopping list with product pictures and prices. Helpful so you don’t forget what foundation color you wear.
  • Passwords and logins.
  • Business related items.
  • IT info links and articles.
  • Webcam photos over time, great way to take a walk down memory lane.
  • And other great programs link to Evernote too.
    • Evernote Food
    • Scannable
    • Skitch
    • Penultimate

It’s like a massive brain dump. Keeping it out of my head and organized digitally. Easy and who doesn’t want easy? Right?

I recently discovered Scannable app on my iPhone to scan all my receipts and paperwork right into Evernote then I organize it from there. Quick and easy. Love it. Screenshot below.


What digital tools do you use to keep you organized? What do you keep in your Evernote? Comment below. Thanks!