Zen to Done The Ultimate Simple Productivity System by Leo Babauta



Have you found GTD by David Allen a little to overwhelming of a productivity system? Well this book is for you. Zen to Done or “ZTD” is a wonderful book that helps you get the most out of your time spent on planning. 

My three favorite things about this book are…

  1. “MIT” – Most Important Things to do. Each day choose 3-5 MIT’s to work on. One should come from a goal your working to achieve and the others will be tasks you find important to accomplish that day no matter what else comes up for you that day.
  2. Weekly Review – Take time each week 30-45 minutes to review your inbox, notes, calendar, and task lists. Plan your week ahead, know where your heading each day.
  3. Inbox – clearing your life and desk. Keep one inbox, somewhere convenient for yourself like your home desk to put ALL things you have to act upon in. Clean this box maybe even two times a day. Keep it clean, keep it updated, toss your trusted system for keeping notes in there too. So you can process those daily notes as needed.

Leo writes in a simple easy to understand fashion, the book goes quickly but it’s effective too. It’s a wonderful book to help you find what works best for you in your life to improve your productivity but keep things simple at the same time.