I was thinking about 10 different things to do now before 2018 rolls around.

  1. Reflect on 2017 – reflect on how far you have come in 2017.
  2. Purge – purge areas of your life, getting ready for a new year.
  3. Prepare – prepare yourself for the coming year, get a new planner and start planning away 2018.
  4. Tax Time – is coming soon, so get things in order now so your ready ASAP when you receive all your paperwork in early 2018.
  5. Cleaning – do some winter/spring cleaning now.
  6. Change your environment – even if it’s small changes in each room, buy some new bedding, buy a few plants, whatever you feel like doing, just change around your environment some for 2018.
  7. Donate – donate old clothing to charity like Goodwill, and maybe old towels to an animal shelter. Find ways to donate your old stuff.
  8. Recycle – properly recycle old dead batteries, old toner cartridges, etc. Purge all the old stuff you no longer can use by recycling it if possible.
  9. Shred – setup a shred station in your home, any papers you don’t need like junk mail with your name on it, shred right away, also… scan important documents, back them up and shred the hard copy if you can.
  10. Go digital – start now going digital in your life, for 2018. Buy a scanner that can help you scan your receipts or important papers. Go paperless with emailed bills online. Stop printing so much. Shred what is important but you don’t need. Use your online banking system. Go digital in 2018.

These are a few suggestions of things I will be doing before 2018. What are you ideas? Comment below.

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