tips for meditation…

Do you meditate? I myself have been meditating for over 2 years now. Daily. Usually for only 5-15 minutes. But that 5 minutes is enough for me to center, calm, relax, breath, and listen. I sometimes use a guided meditation. When I started out this helped me greatly, using guided meditations. After awhile I got the hang of it on my own. Are you curious about meditation; read on…  (more…)

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getting enough rest…

There are days your body will tell you to get more rest. It’s inevitable with all we go through each day of our lives. The amount of good sleep we really get each night may not be as much as you need. The long list of stress we feel during our hectic day can add to poor sleep too. Only sleeping in on the weekends is not enough. Your body needs more than you think.


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