your own self worth…

your desire

I was reading an article on TinyBuddha being worthy.

I noticed that I too was pinning my achievements in life on to my self worth. Don’t. It won’t get you very far. Your self worth is based on how you feel about yourself everyday, not based on your goals. So how do you feel about yourself? Know that you are worthy of everything good in life. Know you are all you have to be, just as you are.

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love is in the air…


It’s that time of year when we all are feeling the love. Even if it’s just the love of your favorite pet.

I wanted to remind you to love someone today. Just tell them how much they mean to you, no strings attached.

Even if your single this Valentine’s Day, I am sure you can find someone in your life to love.

So share the love! xoxo from me!

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You are worthy…

2015-11-05 14.00.58

You are so worthy of it all!

Remember that. Everyday.

Have self confidence is not easy for me, when my inner critic is so bitchy. But I have to remind myself, I am worthy. I am worthy of love most of all. Internal and external love. Love yourself and allow others to love you too. Know in your heart, love is always there for you, from inside you, and all around you. Do not discount the power of love and self worth.

You are worthy.



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Give yourself a break…

2015-11-03 16.32.34

You can’t expect yourself to do it all. In fact, give yourself a break & schedule it into your day. Take 5. Take a load off. Breath.

Expecting to be able to do it all is just not a true statement. Learn now to release that expectation; “I can do it all.” What you can expect from yourself is “to do your best”. That my friend is good enough. You are enough and you’ll get done what is most important to you, leave the rest. You got this!


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Your thoughts; your feelings…

2015-11-04 07.38.22

Your thoughts create your feelings. Powerful stuff there. But so true. We can all relate. When you think about something sad, it truly elicits sad feelings along with it. Sometimes we even cry. I know I do. When I think about my mom who has severe dementia, I cry. She’s my hero in so many ways but to see her situation now, I cry. Simple thoughts can create powerful feelings.

Keep a conscious eye on your thoughts and then feelings they bring with them. With this you’ll learn to bring your mind back to a better place and in turn you’ll feel better too. Awesome.

May your thoughts be well.



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