what season are you in?…


Autumn the season of letting go. This time of year reminds us of the beauty of letting go of the old and get ready for renewal|reflection.

This year I want to shed that which holds me back. Let go of fear, old stories, and lies I tell myself. I want to make more room to move forward and grow. Give up all that doesn’t serve me. Let those burdens be lifted from my shoulders. The weight has been lifted. I feel lighter and happier. I am getting ready to renew my spirit with spirit. Go within during the winter. As leaves change, so do I. As they fall to the ground, so do my old stories fall away too.

Let’s celebrate the bounty of harvest and the nourishment it brings us. Let’s prepare our lives to the harsher season of a cold winter too. Appreciate the beauty in change right now. Don’t fret over change. It’s a good thing we are always evolving and growing. It’s inevitable. Don’t hold tight to the old ways. Yet, embrace the desire to let go now. Have fun with this season. Rejoice.

What season are you in of life? Comment below.

Watch this wonderful video by Christine Hassler about what season you are in…enjoy!

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for the love of candles…


For the love of autumn/winter candles. They make my whole house smell good. I only burn candles in autumn and winter when it’s “cold” outside. Seems appropriate to me. I love the autumn, Thanksgiving, and winter scents they have this time of year.

Do you love candles? What’s your favorite? Comment below. Mine is “Pecan Pumpkin Waffle” from White Barn Candle Co.

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MAC or PC?…


MAC (Apple) or PC? Which do you prefer?

Age old question. Which do you prefer to use in your business and daily life?

I myself have both, in fact I just unpacked my big MAC from it’s box in storage after our move to our new apartment recently.

BUT…I am a PC girl at heart <3. I prefer to do my business work on a PC. I grew up on a PC and find it hard to transition everything to the MAC. Most my software purchases have been for the PC and that costs money to transition those over.

I guess another question is? Laptop or Desktop? I now prefer a laptop pc, so I can be mobile anytime I need to be but it’s a PC.

Let me know in the comments Mac or PC?

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what else is new?…

What else is new with me?

Job Hunting [or] Building My Business that is the question.

There comes a time in our careers to make a few changes. Or due to certain circumstances like moving to a new place, one must make a change in our career. I am in the middle of that change right now.

Now is that time for me. I am a administrative assistant by trade, right now I am a part-time virtual assistant but only work a few hours a week. So I ask myself, do I wish to build up my business, take on new clients or should I go outside my home to look for work. I have a little something in the works outside my home but it’s to early to know if it’s going to bloom into a new job outside my home. That’s all still in the works. So I set my intention for it and let the universe do her thing. Life is like that, we can do our best to manifest all we want, put for the effort but sometimes you just have to set your intention and let go. The universe has your back. Trust me.

If things; like a new job outside my home don’t work for me, I think I will reach out to friends, family and associates for new virtual assistant business I can take on. I am not rushing this. Career’s can be tricky, so don’t rush things. All in due time. Think before you act. It’s not a race, your in it for the long haul. Choose wisely.

What is new for you in your career? Comment below.



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let’s chat about anxiety…


Let’s chat about anxiety.

Do you suffer from it, mild or severe? I do! There I said it. I suffer from moderate to severe anxiety. Sometimes, rarely, I need medication to help manage it. It can be rather bothersome to live life day to day. You see I don’t view everyday things as you may. They bother me. Even taking a shower to get ready for the day may trigger a panic attack. Why is that  trigger? You see it usually means I am getting ready to leave my home and go somewhere which is hard for me. Also imagine big life events are real hard for me, like interviewing for a new job, puts it off the charts for me. Wow.

I usually live in a bubble of my comfort zone. I venture out but usually int he company of my husband whom is a safety net for me. He gets it. He’s able to read me. He’s able to deal with it when need be. He takes care of me.

How do I handle my anxiety these days…

  1. Breath – no seriously, we tend to not breath well when we are anxious, take 10 deep long breaths.
  2. I keep fighting to get outside my comfort zone, baby steps every day.
  3. Positive self talk.
  4. talk thru the issue at hand. Work out the anxiety rationally as possible when you can.
  5. Seek professional help. There is NO SHAME in this at all. None! You deserve to live a full wonderful, calm, life everyday of the year. If you need help and medication, get it.
  6. Medication – as needed. I admit sometimes I get a little to anxious and must take a prescription pill in low dosage. It really works wonders and can really help you through a tough time.
  7. Stop worrying. No really just stop it, be more present. Let that shit go, it’s not real.
  8. Aromatherapy – it’s powerful, it can help. I use Lavender.
  9. Write it out. Put the anxiety all on paper. Work out what you going through on paper. Then maybe burn the paper or shred it. Letting go off all the lies you tell yourself and your anxiety.
  10. Don’t believe the lies your anxiety tells you.

Do you suffer from anxiety? Let me know in the comments below some of your ways to help manage it.

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