Today’s minimalism lesson is on unsubscribing from all those pesky emails you get, mostly the sales ones.

Unsubscribe from ANY emails that are not directly serving your life in some way. Ask yourself this question with each email you get. If it’s not serving your goals or dreams or real daily life, unsubscribe.

For instance, you visit their website to view their sales or items as needed. You don’t need a DAILY email telling you what to buy. That just promotes consumerism and clutter, besides it doesn’t help your savings goals either.

Are you trying to break your bad habit of buying things on sale, unsubscribe from their newsletter and you won’t find yourself tempted.

Are you tired of just deleting a bunch of unread emails? Unsubscribe.

You do not have to unsubscribe from everything in your Inbox, only things that are no longer serving you now.

I spent 1 hour yesterday going through my email inbox & trash folder; unsubscribing from a ton of emails I get almost on a daily basis (why do they seem fit to email us once a day or more!!!). Ugh. Too much in the inbox for me. I also tend to miss important emails in the inbox if I need them. I usually have a zero inbox policy and I find I delete these sales emails almost daily/hourly.

Good luck! and let me know how it goes in the comments.