I’m pretty good at procrastinating when I have things to do. How about you?

Here are my tips for getting past it…

  • 1. Do one small step at a time. The littlest action helps you stay in motion.
  • 2. Clean something, like the top of your desk. Decluttering or cleaning up and organizing your work space really helps.
  • 3. Do something else that is weighing heavy on your mind, get it out of the way so you can focus.
  • 4. Take a moment to relax. Take even just 10 minutes to relax and get centered.
  • 5. Journal all that’s floating in your mind, get everything out and down on paper. I keep a Brain Dump journal just for this purpose. It helps clear your mind.
  • 6. Set a work timer. Try using Forest app on your phone to help eliminate distractions.
  • 7. Make a list of all you have to do, choose one thing at a time to focus on. Take action towards that one thing, see No. 1 tip, start small.

I was inspired by Eileen’s video below…