Morning Routines…

I personally find a good morning routine essential for my whole day to go better. Even my sleep at night is affected by what I do in the morning. It’s not just about wake up, make coffee, shower, and commute to work. Those are the basics for most, no I am talking about cultivating a routine that sets you up for great success each and everyday.

If you have read Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod then you know more of what I a speaking of.

In the book he presents some real science behind the why of a good morning routine to start the day off the best you can and get more done each day. I highly recommend reading the book. But he’s not the only one. Many people, YouTubers, gurus, and life coaches. Recommend good habits to start the day with.

Another book I’d like to recommend reading is Hello Mornings, by Kat Lee.

In her book she uses a simple 3 minute morning routine to get us connected to God, our plans for the day, and our health.

Here a few different ideas for a great morning…

  • Visualization of the day ahead
  • Lemon water or just filtered water, first thing to drink
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Meditation
  • No news like TV in the morning hours
  • No email
  • No social media
  • Yoga
  • Calendar review, tasks review
  • Prayer of any kind
  • Reading scripture of any kind
  • Tarot card of the day
  • Reading the bible

These are just a few ideas. What are some of yours, comment below.

What I have noticed about my morning routine which I will outline below, is that I am mentally prepared for whatever life throws at me. I am more calm and centered. I feel so much more energized than groggy and sleepy. I know exactly what I am going to do, and I don’t let others deter me from my plan much. Sense of clarity is much higher. I overall feel so much better at the end of my day that I sleep better knowing how productive I was that day.

My morning routine outline…

  • Wake up about 7:30
  • Lemon Water 12oz
  • Water 12oz
  • Wait 1 hour for coffee, set timer using my iWatch
  • Review google calendar and my Bullet Journal
  • Write\Type out to-do’s add them to google calendar
  • Update google keep lists if necessary
  • Read the Bible for about 10-15 minutes
  • Prep things for the day, get everything you need together, say to pay bills, purse for errands
  • Gratitude 3-5 things
  • Make the bed for the day
  • Meditation before coffee while I wait 10 minutes or so; guided with Calm app on phone
  • Coffee – or some such caffeinated beverage
  • Listen to a inspiring uplifting learning type Podcast
  • Watch YouTube videos, inspiring things
  • Brunch at 10
  • With Forest App on my iPhone, I read for 30 minutes to 1 hour straight thru
  • End routine – ready for my day

I can live my best life with a sound morning routine. Do you have one? Do you wish you had one? Comment below.

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