Caldrea Pear Blossom Agave Products.

Such a beautiful clean fresh crisp scent. I am using all over my home. I especially love the hand soap. It’s not overwhelming like some hand soaps and the scent is just enough to enjoy for the whole family.


The sky is bright and blue. The soil so fertile, flowers and trees look ready to burst. With every breeze, you sense a new fragrance: fresh pear blossom, ripe citrus and succulent melon. A perfect harmony of summer in bloom.

My second favorite Caldrea scent is:


Boards washed white by the sun. This seashore of a scent sends citrus and juniper aloft on breezes of minerals, florals and the clean musk of summer dances.

Another favorite of mine for years. So lovely on a summer day.

All Caldrea products clean so well. And leave a wonderful scent behind but nothing over powering.

What is your favorite Caldrea scent? Comment below.