My vote is Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning supplies for my home.


Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day believes in a better way to get a good clean. Chock full of plant-derived ingredients and essential oils, our household cleaning products are powerful against dirt and grime. Garden-fresh scents uplift your mood while adding a little spring to your step. We all have to clean–let’s make the very best of it.

I love the products and they are aromatic too. I believe in aromatherapy in my home too. Below are some of the scents of Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day products.


What is your favorite scent? Comment below.

I want to try Watermelon Soap for the summer and Apple Soap for the fall.

If you order from there website it’s FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $30.00! I love free shipping.


What are your favorite cleaning supplies for your home? Are you going more green when it comes to cleaning? Comment below.