Inspired by: Christine Hassler’s post, click here. Are you struggling to meditate? Click here to learn how to get over the hump of beginning mediation. See her video vlog below too, regarding this subject.

Why I meditate…

  1. to center myself
  2. to balance myself
  3. to connect with spirit
  4. to connect to my intuition
  5. to get calm
  6. to get quiet
  7. to focus
  8. align myself
  9. reduce anxiety
  10. breath deeper
  11. to empower myself
  12. to reduce stress

Even if I only meditate for 5 minutes a day, it’s super wonderful helpful. I also love a good guided meditation. I love to use my app on my iPhone. It gives me so many meditation choices to choose from. Yes, I love the paid version, well worth it.

Why do you meditate? Leave a comment below. Much love!