#whole30 update…

At this time I am using The Whole 30 book to GUIDE my newest health program. Like no sugar, no gluten, and no soy. I still am taking in small amounts of dairy at this time. Like I can’t live without my whole milk in my espresso latte’s in the morning. NO it’s not #whole30 but I learned so much from #whole30 I want to incorporate it’s teachings into my healthy lifestyle.


I am eating as little processed food as possible. Choosing to make my own meals at home with whole food ingredients.

I have to watch my food allergies too. So I cook all my vegetables. There is a protein in raw vegetables I am allergic too. So cooking them breaks down the protein and I can digest it with ease.

I also love pizza and now choose gluten free varieties with real cheese, again there is that dairy in my diet. But this is about as much dairy as I eat in a week, coffee with milk and pizza cheese.


What are your #whole30 guidelines in your healthy lifestyle these days? What have you learned from #whole30?

I have also been using my Instant Pot for various things, I found a great website too for Instant Pot receipes. http://groundleaf.co/instantpot