I just finished my first round of #whole30. UPDATE: Decided to change things up, going to be practicing many principles of whole30 but getting in some food balance in my life. Making peace with my plate.

How did I do, I lost 12lbs on whole30. My joint pain is almost all gone. I have lots of great sustainable energy all day long. My skin looks great and glowy. I feel overall, great. I wanted to cement the new habits I have formed on whole30, like eating lots of veggies, so I decided another round was for me. I want to continue these good feelings inside and out.

Challenges I have had, getting myself to eat my veggies every day. Fruit no problem, but veggies is another story. I just have never been much of a vegetable eater. Other things was feeling the pull of old habits close to the end of the program. Thinking a lot about wanting to eat everything in site towards the end. That is one reason I am sticking with it, I can feel inside that I am not ready to leave whole30 just yet. I need more time to really develop these new habits. I enjoy the whole30 lifestyle too. It is teaching me a lot about how food effects me. I remember what I felt when I started round one. I don’t want to go back to those feelings and reactions my body had to foods. Like gluten and sugar.

New habits due to whole30.

  1. No fruit sugars before noon.
  2. I enjoy black coffee now.
  3. Protein is my energy friend.
  4. Veggies are my fiber friends.

Are you doing whole30? Shout out below in the comments.

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