R1D9 on whole30 and I am doing good.

Confession time: I miss pizza. The only thing I have missed so far. I love pizza. Saw a commercial on TV last night with pizza and I wanted some. My craving is low, I just miss going out for pizza. It’s a habit and habits take time to rewire and break.

Hunger level: low. These past few days have been low on the hunger scale. I listen to when my body needs food and then I eat.

Tips: Eat your veggies first! I find if I eat all my vegetables at a meal first, then eat my yummy protein source last, I do much better getting all my veggies in. I still struggle some to get in my veggies. Read this article here I wrote earlier. Also I eat less fruit, which I try to stay away from too much sugar. Even though it’s natural fruit sugars I still am cautious. I also am finding raw vegetables my favorite thing to eat. I cook some but mostly eat them raw.

Tip 2: Don’t eat fruit before 12 noon. Keep your blood sugar in check. I find I am craving less and my hunger is lower.

Prep Prep Prep: Do you food prep before hand? Set yourself up for success now! Have meals on hand you can quickly go to if time doesn’t permit cooking a large meal for yourself. We ALL live in a busy busy world, if something comes up you are prepared. Prep your fruit too. I make a raw fruit salad ahead of time, and this allows me to quickly eat some if I wish. Prep your veggies too. Allowing you to go to them quickly if need be.

Those are my handy tips and tricks from this past week on whole30. Wishing you the best on your whole30 journey too!