Did you know there are three(3) foundations to live a healthy vibrant life.

1. eating well

2. sleeping well

3. moderate exercise

These three things are key to building the foundation of your healthy life on. They are three key ingredients to conquer depression too. I have found them invaluable in my quest to level up myself, my life,  and heal my depression.

I myself have recently embarked on a 14 week journey to wellness and healing. 6 weeks in and I feel so good. Even my mind is functioning better. I am functioning on a whole new level I have not been in alignment with for years. Good food will do that to you. Giving up gluten, corn, soy, dairy, and sugar will do that to you too. Read a little more about my wellness journey; click here.

I sleep a minimum of 10 hours a night. Sleep is the only time our bodies get to heal. So it’s essential to heal and rejuvenate yourself nightly.

Moderate exercise of 30-45 minutes 3 times a week or daily movement help keep all systems running optimally.

Build a life worth having. Remember these three key ingredients.

What are you foundations? Comment below.