R1D2 Whole 30 – getting my vegetables in.

I struggle to eat my veggies every day. I have never really made them part of my daily diet routine.

But with Whole 30 one MUST eat their veggies. I think the next 29 days will be a time that really alters how I look and eat vegetables. Help me learn to implement them into my daily eating routine.

I don’t hate vegetables, I just never really LOVED them. Whole 30 will help me find a new love for them. I actually grew up eating lots of raw vegetables straight from my mother’s organic garden. So I do enjoy the taste of different raw vegetables. I can also appreciate how to store, freeze, and can vegetables too. As my mother did. She always had a garden and I am thankful I grew up with one in my life.

What are some of you favorite vegetables? Comment below.