Finding courage to move forward in life is hard. I know, I am in that mode right now. I want to keep moving my life forward but staying in my comfort zone seems more appealing. Truly an internal conflict.

Working with my life coach, I am finding strength and courage to “Just Do It”, that’s right, just get out there and do what must be done. Put aside fear, shame, remorse, worry, etc., and keep pushing forward no matter what. What’s the worst that can happen? Um, nothing really. Don’t let worry of failure in your mind keep you still; in one place. You have to step up and move forward. Take baby steps! Reach out to one person in your life and share a “play” date. Visit a place you have never been before. Drive a drive you have not gone before. Write on your blog a topic your not so comfortable sharing but realize your discomfort might help one person in the process. All these things I just said, I am actually working on. There is a lot of resistance to do these things but I am supported by friends and family to do them. I go forward with their love in my heart. But most of all I support my own growth.

Do I feel shame, sure. I moved to Florida only to realize it’s not the place for me, so I moved back home to Northern Kentucky recently. I am even living with my in-laws till my home is ready for me. Deep down I feel a little shame but you know what, there really isn’t any shame in realizing something is not right for you. We all have minds to make choices in life and use them! Don’t let others shame you into feeling bad for what you choose. My family and friends are here in NKY, so that is where my heart is living and so must I physically. I never once while living a year in Florida stopped calling this area “home”. Ding Ding Ding, big universal sign pointing me home.

Just a few years ago I was super stuck in my comfort zone. I am no longer that person. I am in the integration phase of my self-development, and this is where the rubber really meets the road. Let’s get moving. It is not easy for me at all. I have a ton of resistance and fear but I am learning to live with those emotions and do it anyways.

Find a friend, lover, relative, someone to help you stay accountable with your improvement, someone who will push you further than you thought you could go. Reach out to someone for help. But just keep moving and just do it. You won’t really improve if you don’t do. Don’t try, do! Nothing bad will happen. Who knows what wonderful things might happen along the way. And your confidence in yourself will only grow.

I encourage you to step outside that comfort zone. I wish you all the best. Comment below if you need help/or want to celebrate a big win in life, I’d love to hear all about it. Love and light, Rebecca ^_^

Want to learn more about the phases of self-improvement and how you too can move forward? this video below.