Gratitude, give thanks. It can be so easy to get caught up in it all sometimes. Focus on the good and be grateful for what you have. Gratitude changes everything. We all struggle to be grateful during the “hard times” of life but that’s when we need it most. I find myself to be so much kinder to my fellow man when I am grateful. Throw out your expectations of what can be & just be grateful for what is.

In the USA we celebrate Thanksgiving this month of November. It’s a wonderful month to start a 30 day practice of being more grateful in your life. Example: take time each morning or evening to write down 5 things you are grateful for at that moment.

I love to use my mini gratitude journal from I Love It All – Monika Wright via Etsy. But whatever your choice, write it down. Pen to paper helps cement an idea in our heads better.


Be grateful. Be happy.