I am currently on the road to wellness for 14+ weeks. I am 4 weeks into my journey. This journey for a lifetime of wellness is designed by my health and wellness coach Connie Trowbridge.

You see I have struggled lately with inflammation, bad gut health, low energy, joint pain, brain fog, overweight, overeating, cravings, uncontrollable eating habits, eating too much, and general feeling bad all day long. I have struggled with my weight all my life but I am at that age where I MUST do something or things will not improve without medical science getting involved I am sure. I do not want that. No, I want to live my life in a healthy way. I want energy, vibrancy and good health. Who doesn’t want that?

I am currently resetting my internal health by going gluten free, soy free, sugar free, and dairy free for the next 14 weeks. This helps balance hormones, repair gut health, give me energy, and lose weight. This is NO fad diet. This program is comprised of the latest information for optimal health daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. I am looking to upgrade my over health for the rest of my life. Not just the next 14+ weeks. No this is a life changing event and I am learning so much.

Do you want to lose weight, get more energy, feel better, less inflammation, relieve brain fog, and more? I highly suggest you get in touch with Connie! Visit her website here. She can customize a plan that is right for you. Addressing the needs that mean most to you.

Update on weight loss, which is a SIDE EFFECT of the new way of eating, is I am down 12lbs in 4 weeks! Amazing to me, I have not felt deprived, hungry or craving anything. I feel wonderful with my new way of eating. I am feeling better each week. So good, it keeps me focused and mindful.

Please note, I won’t always be gluten, soy, sugar, and dairy free. After 14+ weeks I begin to introduce, slowly those foods back into my life BUT I monitor the way I feel each day too. If something really doesn’t like me, out it goes! Moderation y’all.

Do you exercise? Yes, I incorporate movement daily into my life. But it’s not an hour long hard workout, NO, either a walk around the neighborhood or 30 minutes on the treadmill at the gym is all I am focused on for now.

Stay tuned for weekly updates; where I will be getting into more depth on what I eat daily. Any questions? Please let me know in the comments. I am happy to answer. Have a great healthy day.