let’s chat about anxiety…


Let’s chat about anxiety.

Do you suffer from it, mild or severe? I do! There I said it. I suffer from moderate to severe anxiety. Sometimes, rarely, I need medication to help manage it. It can be rather bothersome to live life day to day. You see I don’t view everyday things as you may. They bother me. Even taking a shower to get ready for the day may trigger a panic attack. Why is that  trigger? You see it usually means I am getting ready to leave my home and go somewhere which is hard for me. Also imagine big life events are real hard for me, like interviewing for a new job, puts it off the charts for me. Wow.

I usually live in a bubble of my comfort zone. I venture out but usually int he company of my husband whom is a safety net for me. He gets it. He’s able to read me. He’s able to deal with it when need be. He takes care of me.

How do I handle my anxiety these days…

  1. Breath – no seriously, we tend to not breath well when we are anxious, take 10 deep long breaths.
  2. I keep fighting to get outside my comfort zone, baby steps every day.
  3. Positive self talk.
  4. talk thru the issue at hand. Work out the anxiety rationally as possible when you can.
  5. Seek professional help. There is NO SHAME in this at all. None! You deserve to live a full wonderful, calm, life everyday of the year. If you need help and medication, get it.
  6. Medication – as needed. I admit sometimes I get a little to anxious and must take a prescription pill in low dosage. It really works wonders and can really help you through a tough time.
  7. Stop worrying. No really just stop it, be more present. Let that shit go, it’s not real.
  8. Aromatherapy – it’s powerful, it can help. I use Lavender.
  9. Write it out. Put the anxiety all on paper. Work out what you going through on paper. Then maybe burn the paper or shred it. Letting go off all the lies you tell yourself and your anxiety.
  10. Don’t believe the lies your anxiety tells you.

Do you suffer from anxiety? Let me know in the comments below some of your ways to help manage it.

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a little bit about failing…


When it doesn’t all go as planned or as you hoped for, stand up, dust yourself off and try again. Failure is not the end, it’s only the beginning to find what didn’t work and improve upon it. Try again. Do not give up. That is key, trying something and not succeeding at it, is not an end all, it’s only the beginning.


How have I failed lately, well, I accomplished whole30 but this past week I went off the rails. Way off. Back to my old ways of eating a few months ago. It was a wake up call that I wasn’t addressing some core issues/wounds from my past about my body and my relationship with food. I know I am a emotional eater but this was different. I am not feeling into my love for myself and why I choose to eat the way I do. I felt deprived and rebellion kicked in hard this past week. I.E. eating everything in site. But I am very aware of the problem and am addressing it right away, TODAY. Taking action. Re-evaluate my current patterns, what has been working lately, and how I can move forward with grace and ease. How do I get back my diet mojo and find peace with my plate? That is the question I will be addressing now.

What have you “failed” at lately and what do you need to pull back from and re-evaluate moving forward. Keep moving forward. Don’t look back your not going that way. Comment below.

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Happy 4th Of July 2016…


Wishing you a wonderful day of celebration today. Enjoy!

Wishing you a wonderful summer!

Happy July

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living your best life…


Want to know some good rules to live by to lead your best life? Read on…

  1. Don’t doubt yourself
  2. Use your intuition
  3. Trust yourself
  4. use the power of manifesting
  5. be anti-fragile
  6. simplify your whole life
  7. find solutions, not problems
  8. have a bold vision for your life
  9. make goals that feed your soul
  10. get real clear about what you want
  11. make yourself priority number 1
  12. put pen to paper more, brain dump
  13. let go of worry
  14. just do it, do not wait, take a step forward
  15. leave your comfort zone
  16. self care is essential
  17. feed your body right
  18. give yourself a break
  19. get help when you need it
  20. get enough rest/sleep

These are just a few things you should do to live your best life. What else can you think of that matters most in life? Comment below.


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tending friendships…


How are you tending your friendship garden this summer 2016?

Suggestions | Things to do:

  • surprise a friend
  • send them flowers just because
  • start a new tradition
  • make a new friendship
  • invite them over for a home cooked meal
  • plan a getaway together
  • send them a love note handwritten
  • just listen
  • give lots of free hugs
  • be there if they need you
  • open your heart up to them, share life

What are some of your ideas for tending to your friendships this summer 2016? Comment below.

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