that was easy IG prints on snapfish…


That was easy…they have 4×4 Instagram sized prints to order on snapfish for printing now. I ordered a bunch for my project life books.


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tips to creating new habits…

Creating a new habit in your daily life can be hard but I have a few tips for you that might make it easier. Below are tips that I use.

I like to use a daily checklist reminder to help me develop a new habit, I use the reminder for 45 days at least. The optimal time it takes to develop a new habit. I print out the checklist on sticker paper and post it in my planner. Each morning, I set out to accomplish these small tasks, before I begin my day. Checking them off as I go. I even review the checklist at night when I do my planning for the next day, to see if I missed anything important that I want to be sure gets done on that day. These things are very important to me and I want to be sure to develop good daily habits. See image below for a sampling of my daily morning routine checklist. (more…)

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book review: Zen to Done…

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tour of my FiloFax…

P1010715.JPGI recently decided I wanted to try a 6 ring binder system as a planner. I choose a lovely blue A5 Domino FiloFax. I like the ability to change things around as I need to and add/subtract things too. A 6 ring binder system really gives you some room to grow and change. I am currently using this planner for my work/business planner. Housing projects, goals, calendar, notes, and more. I still love my Erin Condren planners but I use them for other record keeping items like my exercise/weight loss planner. See this previous post regarding my Erin Condren planners. (more…)

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