Effective time management tip…

Time blocking. The best workers out there make good use of their time at work. They do not let their inbox dictate their work schedule. Instead they use time blocking. A technique where you block out time on your daily schedule to work on certain projects, items, things, etc. Keeping your focus on this one thing really improves your quality of work and efficiency.

Remember to also block out some down time/breaks, planning time, and eating time, like lunch. We can find ourselves in a time warp and lunch has passed us by. No breaks either, this can cause undo stress on your mind and body. Stress is bad in more ways than one. It’s not necessary to live with undo stress we can combat it. You’ll feel better for it I promise.

I use a timer, like,  to help me stay focused for a certain amount of time I have blocked out. When times up, it’s time for a break and then another tip I have for you is, go to another type of activity. Work on one thing for say 1 hour then break for 15 minutes, then work on some other type of thing for another 1 hour. This eliminates burn out, and massive brain fog. Switching between activities really relieves your mind.

DO NOT multi-task when you block time, turn off all notifications and focus on the one task at hand. Remember you schedule in your break time, so don’t worry, you can always check your email then. Humans can’t necessarily multitask anyways. Bombarding your brain with more than one thing only slows it down. Multitasking lowers your work quality and efficiency. Read this article for more into on multi-tasking.

For more info on time blocking read this.


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how to be a morning person…


We all struggle at some point to get up in the morning. As we age sometimes our habits change too. I used to be more of a morning person but now it’s a little bit of a struggle. How or what can we do to be more of a morning person. Wake up refreshed and ready to go.


  1. Go to bed on time the night before.
    1. Get the best sleep you can each night.
    2. Use aromatherapy to help, like a pillow spray or diffuser and essential oils.
    3. No blue light before bed.
    4. Use a sound machine, fan or ear plugs to help you stay asleep.
    5. Try Magnesium Spray or Magnesium drink before bed to help you relax and keep leg cramps at bay.
    6. Plan your schedule for the next day, or review your next days schedule.
  2. Actually waking up at a early time, use an alarm, start slowly and move it back over time. 15 minute increments.
    1. I use a Lumi Light to help wake me up naturally.
    2. Use an alarm if necessary.
  3. Do what you want to wake up, a shower, reading social media, or meditation are good choices.
    1. Drink 8-10oz. of water right when you do wake up, it does the body good.
  4. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day.
    1. Make yourself a wonderful feast, eat what you like, change it up.
    2. My favorites are: Cereal, Oatmeal, or Quinoa flakes.
    3. 30 Minutes before I eat breakfast I have a glass of green juice with collagen protein. A real energy boost and so good for you. See my earlier post about this.
    4. Tea instead of coffee right away, I love a spicy black chai tea, with raw honey and splash of unsweetened almond milk.
  5. Get ready to go.
    1. Exercise time; do it early, get it out of the way.
    2. Shower & Hair
    3. Face care & Body care
    4. Makeup (optional)
    5. Get dressed for the day – get out of your pj’s!
    6. Now, after all this, get that cup of java/coffee/latte if you need it.
  6. Aromatherapy
    1. Diffuse a bright light eye opening blend of essential oils like Cheer from Dottera.
  7. Get your to – do list done before noon! How awesome is that to get most everything done before noon?
    1. Run errands early as possible, less traffic and less people out and about.
    2. Clean house, get it done and enjoy it for the day.
    3. Shopping, again less people, less traffic to deal with it.
    4. Guess what, your afternoon is more free to relax and do what you want to do.
    5. Get that inbox to zero!

I just love ViviannadDoesMakeup on YouTube and she has some wonderful videos to enjoy. This post was inspired by her video below.

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my daily filofax a5 printable…


I enjoy designing my own A5 size printables for my daily schedule and to-do list. In the picture is my current set-up. They have plenty of room for decorations too. I currently use a Filofax to hold my daily to-do sheets. I have a daily checkbox area to remind me of important things I am cultivating on a daily basis, like Prayer & Meditation. I needed a schedule for a good 11-12 hours and lots of space for to-do’s. I really like to break down my to-do list into small tasks. Keeping a long list of to-do’s may or may not suit you but it works great for me. I also write in today’s top three goals I am working on.

I also have for my monthly and weekly layouts the A5 2016 inserts (currently out of stock; but you can order quarterly ones). They are so nice, great quality, I highly recommend them.

I designed my daily agenda’s in Micro Soft Publisher 2013. I print them via a PDF file – 7 at a time on my multiplexing printer in booklet style. Cut them in half and punch holes for my 6 ring binder like my Filofax.

What kind of A5 inserts do you love? Comment below.

Another picture of them below.


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goals are not everything…


Goals are not everything in life, your feelings matter too.

Are you having trouble with your goals? Maybe your missing out on what a goal should feel like to you too. Are you excited about your goal? Or are you feeling just so so, like it’s more of a burden. That is one way to really miss out on obtaining a goal, missed good feelings.

I suggest you write out your goals but this time, write next to them how you really feel about them. Is there anything you can do to change or re-frame a goal to make it feel better? Is that really a goal you want if it doesn’t feel good too? Then maybe you need to let it go.

One way to get better at feelings is to be present in the moment. Feel into everything going on around you at that moment in time. How does it feel? If it’s not going so well then try changing your scenery or re-framing the overall feeling.

I wish you good luck my friends.

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