don’t wait, just do it now…


What is one thing you can do today that will bring you closer to your dream?

Is waiting for the “PERFECT” moment or thing holding you back? I am here to tell you there is not time like now! Don’t hesitate to take a least one step forward in the direction you wish to go. You will only stay stuck if you wait for perfection to arrive. Use what you got now, and go for it. I am here to cheer you on. Know this applies to all things in your life. Even organization. Waiting for the perfect tool or system is a waste. Be creative with what you have and use what you got. Don’t get stuck in waiting mode. Do something now!

I was reading a lovely article from I Heart Planners on this subject and it reminded me to keep moving forward. Not to wait for the perfect time or thing to complete me. I have all I need right now. Sure I struggle with perfection each day, but I am learning from it and realizing I want to live a optimal life, not a perfect one. I am far from perfect. I am simply ME! And I am good enough.

What action steps can you take today to help move you forward? Write them down, comment below…

My motto for 2016 is keep moving forward!




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Evernote my holy grail organizer…

evernote ss

My holy grail organizer is Evernote. I keep all my important stuff there and more. It’s one powerful tool. I do pay yearly for the Premium version @ $49.99/year. It’s well worth it for my business to keep things straight.

I use Evernote to organize my life and it is cross platform capable. So when I update on my phone it updates to my PC desktop and vice verse.

Things I keep in my Evernote…

  • Notes on household items I need like what size vacuum cleaner bag do I need for my vacuum?
  • Lists of things I need to remember and update now and again.
  • Use Evernote Clipper to save GREAT web articles and such.
  • Ideas I have.
  • Penultimate docs via my iPad.
  • Skitch docs via my iPhone.
  • To Do list for things like household maintenance.
  • Special shopping list with product pictures and prices. Helpful so you don’t forget what foundation color you wear.
  • Passwords and logins.
  • Business related items.
  • IT info links and articles.
  • Webcam photos over time, great way to take a walk down memory lane.
  • And other great programs link to Evernote too.
    • Evernote Food
    • Scannable
    • Skitch
    • Penultimate

It’s like a massive brain dump. Keeping it out of my head and organized digitally. Easy and who doesn’t want easy? Right?

I recently discovered Scannable app on my iPhone to scan all my receipts and paperwork right into Evernote then I organize it from there. Quick and easy. Love it. Screenshot below.


What digital tools do you use to keep you organized? What do you keep in your Evernote? Comment below. Thanks!

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more Inkwell Press planner goodies…

I bought a few more planner goodies from Inkwell Press this week.

I love their daily docket and daily download pads to help you plan your day and end your day with! See picture above. I find myself planning my day in the morning before I begin anything and the night before to wrap things up and move forward anything I might have left hanging.

I also bought their latest fitness planner. See pictures below. It’s a great 12 week planner designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Log your meals too. I plan on using this right after my mini-vacation June 1st. I want to uplevel my fitness a bit and this planner is fabulous for daily tracking.

Can you tell I am a big fan of Inkwell Press, their items are top quality, thought out well, and function beautifully.

Fitness Planner
Inside Fitness Planner Page

The other day I ordered their Weekly Kickstart planner pad too. See image below. All things to help keep me on track. I still use a bound planner to keep my schedule in but I like the flexibility of these pads to use daily. I keep this kickstart pad on my desk to have an overview of my week.

Weekly KickStart Pad
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Productive App on iPhone…


Wanna level up your productivity and life? Want to develope good habits?  Try the app Productive for iPhone. Productive – Habit tracker – Daily routine & reminders for goals & resolutions
By Jaidev Soin


Build good habits. Organize your life. Productive has all the tools you need to build a routine of positive, life changing habits. Productive gives you:

● A way to plan your day – Schedule habits for morning, afternoon, evening, or any time of the day. You can also schedule habits for more than once a day, or only for weekdays, or just for the start of the month, or just on Mondays, or many other convenient choices.

● Motivating streaks – Build motivating chains of done habits and perfect days. The longer your chain of done habits, the more likely you will stick at the habit.

● A way to focus – You’re only shown what’s due for the current time of day. This helps you better manage your time, and prevents stress about what is still left to do.

● Powerful reminders – Productive lets you know what’s due for each time period, plus you can set reminders for each habit, or get a big push from Boost Mode.

● Lots more awesome stuff – Like calendars of your progress, detailed stats, notes, a passcode lock, and the beautiful Floodlight theme.

As you can see from my screenshot above, I use Productive for iPhone to help me build habits and remind me to do all those little things in life.

What’s on my app:

  • Make My Bed – try to do this first thing in the morning
  • Wash Face AM
  • Drink Some Water = 100oz for me a day
  • Eat a good meal – stay on track with wellness program
  • Get out of house – 1x day even if it’s only to get coffee
  • Tidy the home – pick up around the house, trash out etc.
  • Write in my journal
  • Go for a walk – 3x’s a week
  • Shower – I know weird but I like to track this
  • Take vitamins/supplements – all every day
  • Take a break – in the afternoon
  • Wash Face PM
  • Meditation – every day for minimum 5 min. a day

I love how easy this app is to use. [I do have the paid version, well worth it]. I am always adding to my list of things I should do daily/weekly that I want to track. My friend uses this app to track certain things that contribute to good sleep and healthy lifestyle.

What habits would you like to cultivate today and tomorrow and the next day? Comment below.

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my new Inkwell Press planner 2016-2017…


My new Inkwell Press 2016-2017 planner is here! I bought it in wood chevron cause I love the color blue. Inkwell press has wonderful thick paper to write on. I bought the original layout. I have the flex layout for my A5 Filofax. New planners are in stock at Inkwell Press now. Get yours today. Want more close up photos of my planner? Please let me know in the comments and I will do another post. This planner starts July 1st, 2016 so I won’t have decorated and used it till then.

I also have been buying some wonderful new planner stickers from my favorite etsy shops like Penny Lane Planning. Jessica ships super fast and has great product. I highly recommend her stuff.


See photos of what I bought below.

stickers v1

stickers v2

Needed some meeting stickers, love the weather stickers, and cute daily habits stickers too.

Who else loves to decorate their planner? Leave a comment below if you wish.

I also purchased from Inkwell Press a weekly Kickstart notepad. I love to set this on my desk for work related business items that need to be planned out. I also ordered a Fitness Planner and some more planning pads, look for that blog entry soon.




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