tidy closets…


How do you keep your closets tidy?

I routinely clean out my closet, move things around so I can see them, to wear them. I put like colors with like. And I love huggable hangers to keep it all in place.

My favorite hangers are Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers. I usually pick mine up at Container Store in beige color. I love that they hold my stuff strong even when I move things around they don’t fall off.

Each laundry day after drying my clothes I make sure to immediately hang all things that need it too. This keeps things wrinkle free.

What are some of your closet tricks or tips? Comment below.

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DIY cleaning supplies Dr. Bronner’s…


When it comes to cleaning my home I enjoy Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soaps to add to things like surface cleaner as the “soap” base. They smell so good too. Hop over the cleanmama.net to see how she mixes in some Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap to clean her baseboards in her home. DYI alert!

I even use these liquids as laundry detergent too. There are so many uses for them…

Suggested uses

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soaps are good for just about any cleaning task. Face, body, hair – food, dishes, laundry, mopping, pets – clean your house and body with no synthetic preservatives, detergents or foaming agents – none! Dilute! Dilute! OK!!
I like to use the scent Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Tea Tree for my bathroom. Citrus in the kitchen. And Lavender on my bedding to help me relax at night. I am all for aromatherapy! In laundry on my bathroom linens I use classic almond scent. It’s just nice and clean.
Click here. To see June 2016 Monthly specials from Dr. Bronner’s website.
Do you enjoy Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap to clean you home and family? What’s your favorite product from them? Comment below.


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favorite cleaning supplies…


My vote is Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning supplies for my home.


Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day believes in a better way to get a good clean. Chock full of plant-derived ingredients and essential oils, our household cleaning products are powerful against dirt and grime. Garden-fresh scents uplift your mood while adding a little spring to your step. We all have to clean–let’s make the very best of it.

I love the products and they are aromatic too. I believe in aromatherapy in my home too. Below are some of the scents of Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day products.


What is your favorite scent? Comment below.


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homekeeping mid-2016…


As I embark on moving into yet another new home for my family this coming weekend, I am thinking about all the NEW routines I need to organize and establish. YET… keeping my life as simple and easy as possible.

I encourage you to check out cleanmama.net’s website with me. As I collect my ideas, thoughts, products, and inspiration to clean my home and keep it clean! I am very lucky to be moving into a brand new apartment, so keeping it sparkling clean from the beginning is easy. I also will be embarking on switching most all my cleaning routine to less harmful to humans, pets, and environment products.


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This weekend, Fourth Of July weekend 2016, I embark on ANOTHER move in my life.

I recently moved back to the Cincinnati, Ohio area from Florida, but to a temporary home. Well, we finally found a place to live, in Liberty Township, Ohio. Near West Chester, Ohio, where my husband works. It’s a 2 bedroom apartment in Liberty Center. A wonderful place to live with a luxury movie theater, lots of retail shopping, a park, 2 apartment buildings, offices, and lots of great restaurants. Yes, imagine living in the burbs but walking to Starbucks which is located in my apartment building. The idea of Liberty Center totally caught my eye years ago in it’s planning stages and now they built it. I always desired to move there. Now I am. Manifesting what you want in life really works!

As I prepare to move again, I am faced with creating a moving plan. One that actually will take some time as I have the majority of my “stuff|furniture” moved up from Florida storage. Everything will be taken in steps over the next month, month and half. I am grateful I don’t have to do much packing, since everything is still packed in my temporary home.

As we embark on another move, it reminds me that I would like to “downsize” my furniture more and simplify my life as much as possible. This won’t be our last move in the next few years I am sure. We actually have moved some 6-8 times in 15 years. I did some downsizing when I packed up house in Florida this spring but there is always room to improve on that.


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