closet clean out summer edition…

Closet Clean Out Summer Edition 2017

Each season of the year I clean out my closet, rearrange things and put together my favorite pieces in a capsule like wardrobe. This also keeps me from buying too many new things each season. Only a handful of items get added to my capsule wardrobe each season.

This time of year is a time to purge old, worn clothing and donate, donate, donate. I am a firm believer of donating my old cloths. If the item is very good condition or new, I sell them on thredUP.


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some bookcase ideas…

Champagne colored? from Overstock I am moving in a few months to a new home. I have a large office to fill. I’d really like some bookcase shelves to organize and display some things. Which one do you like best, gold or grey or metal or wood?


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The art of essential oil diffusing is my favorite thing for my home environment.

I pick up new and fun blends wherever I can. I am always excited to try new things. BUT not all new ones are favorites. You do have to try and see approach.

I’ve shopped for high end oils and lesser grade. Since I only use them to diffuse into my environment, I usually go with a lesser grade less expensive oil blend. I do enjoy some single notes, lemon, lavender, and peppermint. Actually blending all three of them together makes a wonderful uplifting smell.

My favorites are:

  1. Now Foods Clear The Air Blend click here
  2. Now Foods Cheer Up Buttercup click here

What are some of your favorite scents to diffuse in your home? Comment below.


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for the love of candles…


For the love of autumn/winter candles. They make my whole house smell good. I only burn candles in autumn and winter when it’s “cold” outside. Seems appropriate to me. I love the autumn, Thanksgiving, and winter scents they have this time of year.

Do you love candles? What’s your favorite? Comment below. Mine is “Pecan Pumpkin Waffle” from White Barn Candle Co.

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where did you go?…


I moved. Physically moved house again and took time off away from the blog but now I am back.

Moving is never that much fun and my move was in two parts. A small move into my new apartment then all my furniture came from Florida one month later. Gosh, today I just got some curtains hung. Finally.

Moving is also hard on your mind. It’s stressful, no matter how much you plan…it’s stressful. Changes, big changes in life are like that. I found my life upside down and living out of boxes. I found that even though I moved back to my childhood home area, things change. Getting used to your new surroundings is fun but stressful at times too. It all depends on your attitude too. Keep a positive outlook on how things go and seriously learn to go with the flow, you’ll be much better for it.

What’s one thing you dread doing because you know it’s stressful but necessary? Comment below.

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