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let’s talk about shame…


Let’s talk about shame and how hiding it won’t help.

We all have something in our lives we are ashamed of. Maybe you are ashamed of lots of things in your life. Did you know hiding that shame won’t help heal it? With love and compassion towards ourselves we can bring shame to the light and begin to heal all the negative surrounding it. We are all human, and shame is a part of being human but you don’t have to hide it. Bring truth and healing to it. Be authentic in telling you whole story. Everyone else has shame too. Maybe they will find great courage in your story to be able to live their own story too. Together we can heal.

On this blog I bring to light all the stories I tell myself. Good or bad. So that maybe my story of my shame might help someone else.


I suffer from severe clinical depression and acute anxiety. There, that’s my shame for many years. I hid my mental illness from the world as best I could. Instead of standing up and being authentic, I tried to be someone else and would almost always fail miserably at it. By telling my story of depression & anxiety I became free. I felt the bonds of shame lift. I felt the stigma surrounding mental illness go away. I saw others in a new light. Bringing the light to my illness is helping me get well. Everyday I am less shameful of my mental illness and more open to my fellow human to share. Everyday I am getting better and have less depression and anxiety. Over the past three years I have been on a path to wellness. It’s a long and sometimes scary road to face my fears but I am doing it and so can you. I urge you to take a step and get help. No body has to suffer alone. Seek professional help in whatever manner you see fit. Know it’s perfectly ok to get help. There is NO shame in getting help. In fact, it’s AWESOME, I urge you to get help regarding whatever you need in your life, career, business, self-care, etc. In my journey to wellness I invested in myself and got a life coach who helped me heal my fears and shame. Her name is Christine Hassler . Maybe she can help you too. Find someone with whom you resonate with. I know for me about 4 years ago I discovered Christine’s words through a blog I read daily. I remembered the way it felt to connect to her, and seeked her out to help me on my wellness journey path. Two years later I am so very grateful to have her in my life.

I think there are many people out there that could use a little compassion and love, when it comes to their shame. Listen to your friends and family more closely, you might find a story there in their hearts that resonates with you too. Together you can heal each other. Let’s put out shame out on the table for all to see, you would be amazed at the freedom it will bring you. Take one small step at a time. Share your shame with someone you utterly trust first, even if that someone is a professional you pay to listen to you, like a therapist. Then another. Keep going till it’s no longer shameful, till you feel the freedom you so deserve.

I want to share a wonderful podcast by Christine Hassler, regarding shame. Click image below to listen in.


Need another resource for shame, the wonderful Andrea Owen is spectacular too. Click here to visit her website.

Need someone to listen, I am here for you. Much Love, Rebecca


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latest coffee concoction…


My latest coffee concoction whole30 approved R1D10.

Boil Water / Mix all ingredients until coconut oil melted and blended well, with a hand foamer.

I like to think of this as my #bulletproof coffee.




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whole30 R1D9 notes and tips…


R1D9 on whole30 and I am doing good.

Confession time: I miss pizza. The only thing I have missed so far. I love pizza. Saw a commercial on TV last night with pizza and I wanted some. My craving is low, I just miss going out for pizza. It’s a habit and habits take time to rewire and break.

Hunger level: low. These past few days have been low on the hunger scale. I listen to when my body needs food and then I eat.

Tips: Eat your veggies first! I find if I eat all my vegetables at a meal first, then eat my yummy protein source last, I do much better getting all my veggies in. I still struggle some to get in my veggies. Read this article here I wrote earlier. Also I eat less fruit, which I try to stay away from too much sugar. Even though it’s natural fruit sugars I still am cautious. I also am finding raw vegetables my favorite thing to eat. I cook some but mostly eat them raw.

Tip 2: Don’t eat fruit before 12 noon. Keep your blood sugar in check. I find I am craving less and my hunger is lower.

Prep Prep Prep: Do you food prep before hand? Set yourself up for success now! Have meals on hand you can quickly go to if time doesn’t permit cooking a large meal for yourself. We ALL live in a busy busy world, if something comes up you are prepared. Prep your fruit too. I make a raw fruit salad ahead of time, and this allows me to quickly eat some if I wish. Prep your veggies too. Allowing you to go to them quickly if need be.

Those are my handy tips and tricks from this past week on whole30. Wishing you the best on your whole30 journey too!

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whole30 R1D3 suggestions & issues…


I suggest signing up for TheWhole30 Daily, it’s well worth the additional information and help it provides. You will get 0-30 emails from each day. It costs $14.95 but it’s worth it. It will help set you up for success. Also give you wonderful daily information regarding the plan that can be helpful.

Like today’s email told me why I am so tired! Ah ha! I have not had many side effects yet except being tired. I am napping these past few days. Oh for the love of naps.

Tired: You’re probably more tired and lethargic today. This is your body adapting to its new fuel source – fat – and transitioning out of your old “sugar-burner” days. (We’ll talk about this more on Day 6, when you’ve had some more time to adjust.) This is normal, and will resolve quickly, as long as you do your part to help. Sleep lots. Take naps. Take time off from the gym, or make it a “half-intensity” week. Don’t lean too heavily on caffeine or sugar from fruit to see you through mid-afternoon slumps. Basically, be patient, accept this is a normal part of your transition, and don’t expect any personal bests in the gym, or miraculous energy highs this week. Those things will come in due time, we assure you.

Have you signed up for whole30 daily? Are you doing whole30? Shout it out below and let me know where you are in the plan.


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for the love of veggies…


R1D2 Whole 30 – getting my vegetables in.

I struggle to eat my veggies every day. I have never really made them part of my daily diet routine.

But with Whole 30 one MUST eat their veggies. I think the next 29 days will be a time that really alters how I look and eat vegetables. Help me learn to implement them into my daily eating routine.

I don’t hate vegetables, I just never really LOVED them. Whole 30 will help me find a new love for them. I actually grew up eating lots of raw vegetables straight from my mother’s organic garden. So I do enjoy the taste of different raw vegetables. I can also appreciate how to store, freeze, and can vegetables too. As my mother did. She always had a garden and I am thankful I grew up with one in my life.

What are some of you favorite vegetables? Comment below.

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