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know your path in life…


How does you know your path in life?

Questions! Ask yourself many questions and answer honestly.

Ask questions about your present life? Are you where you hoped to be? Is your life fulfilling? What changes can I make now to improve my life?

Get help if need be. Hire a trainer, mentor, or coach. Together you can discover you way together sometimes.

Plan your future. What does it look like, write it all out. Then…start taking action steps towards that future. It won’t all happen at once. But everyday schedule something in that moves you closer to your goal.

Change, know that your path will change as time goes by even year to year. And that is ok. That is normal. Change is inevitable.

Have you ever really sat down quietly and reflected on the way your life is going? No? Well give it a try sometime. Break down the roles you hold in life. Set up strategic goals to move you forward.

What are you doing now to keep moving forward in life?

I know I am re-hiring my wellness coach Connie Trowbridge to help me for the next 6 months+ get my health and wellness in check and keep it that way. I admit I feel into old patterns recently and I realize very much that is NOT where I want to be. I want so much more from myself and my precious body. Again, what changes are you making today to move forward? Comment below.

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inner peace…


Inner peace is an inside job. it comes from within, NOT from something outside ourselves. Remember this. We are a society that runs from one thing to the next looking for inner peace but…slow down, take a breath and realize it’s always inside you. Just tap into it. Meditation is a great way to do this.

How do you find inner peace daily? Comment below.

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what season are you in?…


Autumn the season of letting go. This time of year reminds us of the beauty of letting go of the old and get ready for renewal|reflection.

This year I want to shed that which holds me back. Let go of fear, old stories, and lies I tell myself. I want to make more room to move forward and grow. Give up all that doesn’t serve me. Let those burdens be lifted from my shoulders. The weight has been lifted. I feel lighter and happier. I am getting ready to renew my spirit with spirit. Go within during the winter. As leaves change, so do I. As they fall to the ground, so do my old stories fall away too.

Let’s celebrate the bounty of harvest and the nourishment it brings us. Let’s prepare our lives to the harsher season of a cold winter too. Appreciate the beauty in change right now. Don’t fret over change. It’s a good thing we are always evolving and growing. It’s inevitable. Don’t hold tight to the old ways. Yet, embrace the desire to let go now. Have fun with this season. Rejoice.

What season are you in of life? Comment below.

Watch this wonderful video by Christine Hassler about what season you are in…enjoy!

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cultivating a morning routine…


I’ve been on the phone talking with Connie about creating/cultivating a new morning ritual after my move to my new home. Below are some ideas I have to do just that. Routine and rituals are important to human beings. It brings a sense of peace and prepares us for our day. Life goes easier when your in zen mode.

My ideas for my NEW morning routine…

1. Wake up drink water, green juice with collagen protein, wait awhile then have #1 cup of coffee.
2. While I wait for green juice to digest before coffee, I read something related to self improvement. Currently reading…Adventures for Your Soul: 21 Ways to Transform Your Habits and Reach Your Full Potential Paperback – August 25, 2015 by Shannon Kaiser
3. Make bullet proof coffee concoction with coconut oil and coconut milk.
4. As I let that cool down and enjoy it, I meditate for 5-10 minutes. Letting my mind take me where it needs to go but remaining centered too. I also tune into spirit and pray during meditation time.
5. After coffee and meditation it time to really wake up and head to the gym for 45-60 minute workout.
6. Shower after gym time.
7. Get prepared for my day, do hair, perfume, dress, etc. A little lip balm never hurt anyone.
7a. Breakfast time. Eat something nourishing and some carbs after that workout.
8. Time to get some work done but first #2 coffee, which involves going to Starbucks for a coconut latte, that I add more coconut oil too when I get home.  I walk to Starbucks it’s right next to my apartment.
9. Review time, review my schedule and to do list for the day. Plan accordingly.
10. Write or publish a blog post, tweet said blog post.
11. Begin my work for the day.
12. After working for a few hours I like to journal about things on my mind, like a mid-morning break.

… my routine… I’ll blog about a nightly routine some time soon… stay tuned for that.

What is your must do morning routine? Comment below.

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whole30 R2 D1 UPDATE…


I just finished my first round of #whole30. UPDATE: Decided to change things up, going to be practicing many principles of whole30 but getting in some food balance in my life. Making peace with my plate.

How did I do, I lost 12lbs on whole30. My joint pain is almost all gone. I have lots of great sustainable energy all day long. My skin looks great and glowy. I feel overall, great. I wanted to cement the new habits I have formed on whole30, like eating lots of veggies, so I decided another round was for me. I want to continue these good feelings inside and out.

Challenges I have had, getting myself to eat my veggies every day. Fruit no problem, but veggies is another story. I just have never been much of a vegetable eater. Other things was feeling the pull of old habits close to the end of the program. Thinking a lot about wanting to eat everything in site towards the end. That is one reason I am sticking with it, I can feel inside that I am not ready to leave whole30 just yet. I need more time to really develop these new habits. I enjoy the whole30 lifestyle too. It is teaching me a lot about how food effects me. I remember what I felt when I started round one. I don’t want to go back to those feelings and reactions my body had to foods. Like gluten and sugar.

New habits due to whole30.

  1. No fruit sugars before noon.
  2. I enjoy black coffee now.
  3. Protein is my energy friend.
  4. Veggies are my fiber friends.

Are you doing whole30? Shout out below in the comments.

Find out more about the #whole30 challenge at Get the book here.



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