Healthy Mind and Body


Do you have a DAILY meditation practice?

I do. I love it. It’s so good for my anxious mind to slow down, be present and release tension in my body and mind.

Here’s mine…

  1. 5 minute morning timed silent meditation used mostly for prayer and reflection, slowing down
  2. 10 minute morning timed guided meditation on various subjects/topics or ideas
  3. 5-10 minutes afternoon reflection meditation usually timed and silent, slowing down

App used:

I buy a subscription to the service on my iPhone. This is an excellent app. Well worth the subscription per year. They update the app with new things all the time.

What’s your meditation practice look like? How is it going?

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the abundance in your life…


It’s not just about wealth. It’s about a abundance of anything in our lives. Love, happiness, joy, problems, luck, sadness, etc. It’s about having too much of anything. We can have too much sadness, we can have too much joy. But nobody complains about too much joy in our lives do they? But sadness is another thing. Too much sadness leads to depression if you allow it to overtake all aspects of your life.

I prefer to be grateful and see all the goodness in my life. As I sat in meditation today after prayer I got the overwhelming sense of abundance. But definitely the good kind. Joy mostly. And gratitude for that joy in my life. For all the wonderful people in my life. For all the goodness life brings to me each day. This attitude of joy really helps me relieve a lot of stress I feel too. I am looking at my “problems” with joy today. Knowing in my heart of hearts I will find more joy out there than I do sadness. I will find happiness along the way. I want to look at life with rose colored glasses some might say. Is that so wrong, hell no! Try it, find the joy in your life and see if you can’t help but smile a little. Even in the darkest of night, hidden in the shadows we can find a little joy.

Take it from someone who is depressed I have chosen to look at life differently on a daily basis. Now mind you my ego and my logical mind get in the way. Too much trying to control and too much trying to be perfect. There is no control but that over which I choose to think and there is NO PERFECTION my friend. It doesn’t exist. There is a flaw in everything, how we choose to embrace those flaws and see life’s beauty is our own right. Choice is key. I’ll say it again, you have a choice in all you do. Choose wisely that which you choose to focus on.

My little story, I have been trying to control with my mind too much in my life. In meditation this morning, releasing that control felt so good. I give it up to spirit and choose to rely on spirit for guidance. Spirit will always guide me where I need to go, and gratitude for abundance in my life is what I am celebrating today. I have chosen to give up the control and embrace the joy. To focus on the joy, to focus on something else besides the control. Rule with my heart not my head. Get out of my head and into my heart. Connect to my highest good self. Connect to spirit. That’s joy to me.

How are you choosing to see abundance in your life today? Comment below, share, be joyous!

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bumps in the road of life…


We all hit bumps in the road BUT, how do you handle them?

I like to call life’s hardships, bumps in the road. I am not one to think all things are bad for us. Things happen for a reason. The universe does not put things in your way for the fun of it. No, it’s there to teach us something. What can you learn from your bumps?

Instead of crying over spilled milk or worse, why not say a prayer of gratitude and ask the universe to show you the way to the other side. The sunny side. Trust me there is one. You will get through this, maybe not in the timeframe you wish, like quickly, maybe it will take some months to get over it but what lessons are you really learning from the experience? When I learn I feel so much better. When I surrender my darkest hours to universe, I am shown the light. I am not saying it is going to be easy but you will get through this. Prayer really helps.

What lesson are you learning right now? Comment below.

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it takes more than you think to get healthy…

It’s taken me a long time to commit to my wellness journey. Life sometimes keeps pulling me away from what I really want. I fall back into old habits and routines. Ones that don’t serve me well. Commitment to change sounds great, I could talk about it all day long, BUT, implementation is where life trips me up.

What’s one of you hardest hurdles on the road to wellness?

I can even write up a good plan but if I don’t follow that plan, I’ve got nothing.

Just now, after months of work, I am beginning to see the light anew. Making best choices for myself and my body. Eating less, eating good food, and bringing new foods into my diet. Elimination of old foods that no longer serve me like processed sugars and gluten. Did you know sugar and gluten are number one downers for people with depression. I have noticed how much it affects me negatively each day I eat these things. Blah! No more. I want to support my mental health as much as my physical health.

Are you making the new year a commitment to change your health? If so, let me know in the comments or social media. We are all in this together.

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6 month commitment to wellness…


What is new with me? I am working with Connie again for 6 months to get my health and wellness in check.

I’ll admit after whole30 I jumped off the wellness bandwagon. BUT…

I am ready to re-commit now. Take steps to insure I am crushing it daily for my health and wellness. Be the wellness warrior I know I can be. I am no spring chicken anymore and I am coming into a time of my life, I can’t ignore my health.

I decided a 6 month commitment would be best for me. Or possibly longer depending on how things go.

I also have learned a valuable lesson about myself. I need accountability, and Connie will provide that in spades for me. Someone to report my meal logs too, discuss food issues, learn more about wellness, and etc.

Do you need an accountability buddy? Connie is your girl! 

I need to recommit to improving my health and wellness.

My goals are:

  1. weight less
  2. increase strength
  3. increase stamina
  4. have less pain – joints
  5. vitality
  6. increase energy
  7. feed my body well
  8. improve my digestion

What are you goals? Shout them out below so I can cheer you on.

Join me here on the blog on my new journey. I hope to share how things are going, my ups and downs, and recipes, etc.




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