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a word about shame…

We all carry shame with us wherever we go. I have so much shame, it really keeps me small in life. I hate to be seen. It adds to my daily depression. Learning to live free is my goal for 2017.

I want to post a wonderful video here about shame, enjoy…thank you Whitney Thore…

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when depression takes hold of me…

What do you do when sadness seeps into your heart? When the depression gets the best of you each day. Each moment. Let’s have a chat about depression. I want to express to you what it feels like. Read below.

When nothing you do seems to make it better? You get professional help. Adjust your meds and get some good solid therapy. Know in your heart things will improve little by little.

That’s what I am doing but most of all I have a problem with losing interest in everything in my life. Struggling to find motivation to do my work and live my life better.

I continue to do my morning routine so I am starting my day off right no matter how I really feel inside. Keep moving forward is my motto for the year. And I truly believe that will keep me going. It’s hard when you are feeling great and things are going wonderful but then sadness returns and fills you mind and heart. Not a good sign.

Overwhelming sadness in everything in my life. In all I do. Just sadness. Just a lost feeling. I get easily confused. I have a hard time concentrating. No motivation for anything. One foot in front of the other, keep moving forward. Knowing it will get better one day. I know for fact it will, I have been there done that.

When depression takes hold of you, what’s it feel like? Comment below if you wish. It’s ok to stand up and speak. Telling your story lessens the stigma attached to mental illness. Know your not alone, I am right there beside you.

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mental health and moving forward…

Take a left turn for the better. Focus on what is really bothering you/me right now. What’s absolutely on my mind? My mental health. And ways I can improve it. Step one, get more help. Seek professional help with medication and therapy. Find out what is really going on. Why am I having so many breakthrough symptoms lately. Why 80% of the time do I feel bad? There are only a few days a month that feel good/great. The rest, not so much. But I am committed to moving forward, not backwards, so it’s time for some additional help.

I am committed to my mental health. I am committed to doing all I can to improve it. I want to work with my doctor(s) to do all I can. Make a plan and work that plan. Ideas below…

  • Medication
  • Therapy
  • Sleep
  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Stress relief
  • Self-care
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Journaling
  • Reading
  • Creativity
  • Create something

What are some things your doing now to improve your mental health today? Join me here on my journey to mental health wellness. 

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choose love over fear…

We all have a choice, to choose love over the fear in our lives. The kind of fear that keeps you from doing big bold things in your life. Or for some, even small mundane things. It doesn’t really matter, fear is fear. Fear keeps us from living life to our fullest potential. Keeps us small. Keeps us down.

How does fear keep you small?

Little story time, my fear is BIG. It keeps me small and down. It keeps me from living a great life. Things like leaving my home can be difficult for me, BUT everyday I work my love muscle and choose moment to moment to choose love over fear. It’s not easy and sometimes my fear wins but I am getting better at it. Each day I grow more bold, each day I choose love over fear, and choose to step outside my comfort zone. My comfort zone where I defaultly live, that place that keeps me safe but I don’t grow. I want to grow. I want to experience more in life.

How is fear keeping you in your comfort zone each day, each moment?

Your reactions, your judgements about yourself and others keep you in fear state too. How can you choose love? Stop judging yourself so harshly. Cut yourself some slack. You are born of love and you can return to love. Return to love in each moment of each day. The ego mind of fear will always try to bring you back down but don’t let it, choose love state. Decided today your going to give and receive so much love there is no room for fear.

Let me know in the comments how fear is keeping you down? And how can you choose love over fear in that situation.

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what spirituality means to me…

To be spiritual, and what that means to me.

I am a spiritual being, I was born this way. But along the way in my life I have lost my sense of what that means to me. Reconnecting with your self is important and connection to a higher power even more important. I always connect into my body first then send out into the universe a prayer for deeper connection to a higher power. I sit in silence and listen for any messages I might get. I find the messages will come to me in for form of my own voice. God speaks through us and to us in our own voice I find. Do you?

After prayer and silence I always write out any messages I may have received. I write out my feelings. I write out the way the session of prayer went. It helps me remember those important messages. I write an action plan too if the messages are of that nature. I incorporate new messages into my daily routine. Into my life. I honor that higher power by taking action.

I speak of God as a higher power, because we all our spiritual beings on our own path in life. You may prayer to a different god but you may find we are all the same at the end of the day. Love and light to you.

Here are some ways I connect to a higher power daily…

  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Sitting in silence and listening
  • Reading – spiritual journey books

What are some ways you connect? How do you feel as a spiritual being in connection to a higher power? I hope you will share with me your spiritual path. I am always looking for new friends on the same path. This post was not meant to offend anyone but rather share my experience of spirituality with you all.

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