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for the love of coffee…


I love coffee! Do you? I can’t seem to wake up and deal with the world unless I have at least a cup of coffee early in the morning.



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#whole30 update, new ideas…


#whole30 update…

At this time I am using The Whole 30 book to GUIDE my newest health program. Like no sugar, no gluten, and no soy. I still am taking in small amounts of dairy at this time. Like I can’t live without my whole milk in my espresso latte’s in the morning. NO it’s not #whole30 but I learned so much from #whole30 I want to incorporate it’s teachings into my healthy lifestyle.


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don’t forget to be awesome…


Don’t forget to be awesome today. At least once. I know someday’s are hard to be awesome but just don’t forget to try.

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ongoing depression…

There have been those times in my life my depression comes back with vengeance it seems. This is one of those times. I was doing pretty good but not so much now for 3 weeks.

It’s effecting my work, my social life, my life, my health, everything. That what depression does.

BUT… in spite of it I vow to stick with my healthy self care practices. I vow to keep up the good fight and I know it will get better from here. I vow to get the help I need from professionals too. I can’t do this alone.

It’s why I have been mia on the blog lately. But I wanted to check in with you all here and offer you hope too. Hope for the future. We are all in this together and mental illness is real. Remember that, your not alone. Reach out for the help you need. Take one small step in the right direction.


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