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play big…

Most all my life I played small, until I got some help to re-frame my life and my desires. I am still stepping into myself and my life but I don’t want to play small anymore. I intend to play big this year.

What it means to me to play big…

1. I don’t care what other people think of me. I like me just the way I am and I am enough.

2. I manifest what I want and feel these days. I feel into what I want, I focus on what I want and take action.

3. I take action. Simple but powerful. I don’t sit around wondering what it would feel like to do something, I get out there and do it.

4. I don’t try, I do. I do what needs to be done to be successful in my goals.

5. I plan big. But take small steps to get there.

6. I intend to always bring forth the best version of myself. I get help with my issues when I need it. I take responsibility for my life. I continually am improving myself and my life to a better version of me.

7. I know if it doesn’t turn out the way I want, that’s ok, I live and learn. Life is not always like we hoped for. I tend to go with the flow these days. What life brings me I am grateful for.

8. I express my gratitude for all in my life and those in my life. I show love to all. I express love to all. I am love.

9. I step into my power as a human female being. I know my strengths and work on my weaknesses.

10. I know I am worthy of it all and believe in myself.

Play big. Good luck. Comment below on how you like to play big in your life.

Inspired by Andrea Owen of Your Kick Ass

7 Characteristics of People That “Play Big”


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how to be a morning person…


We all struggle at some point to get up in the morning. As we age sometimes our habits change too. I used to be more of a morning person but now it’s a little bit of a struggle. How or what can we do to be more of a morning person. Wake up refreshed and ready to go.


  1. Go to bed on time the night before.
    1. Get the best sleep you can each night.
    2. Use aromatherapy to help, like a pillow spray or diffuser and essential oils.
    3. No blue light before bed.
    4. Use a sound machine, fan or ear plugs to help you stay asleep.
    5. Try Magnesium Spray or Magnesium drink before bed to help you relax and keep leg cramps at bay.
    6. Plan your schedule for the next day, or review your next days schedule.
  2. Actually waking up at a early time, use an alarm, start slowly and move it back over time. 15 minute increments.
    1. I use a Lumi Light to help wake me up naturally.
    2. Use an alarm if necessary.
  3. Do what you want to wake up, a shower, reading social media, or meditation are good choices.
    1. Drink 8-10oz. of water right when you do wake up, it does the body good.
  4. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day.
    1. Make yourself a wonderful feast, eat what you like, change it up.
    2. My favorites are: Cereal, Oatmeal, or Quinoa flakes.
    3. 30 Minutes before I eat breakfast I have a glass of green juice with collagen protein. A real energy boost and so good for you. See my earlier post about this.
    4. Tea instead of coffee right away, I love a spicy black chai tea, with raw honey and splash of unsweetened almond milk.
  5. Get ready to go.
    1. Exercise time; do it early, get it out of the way.
    2. Shower & Hair
    3. Face care & Body care
    4. Makeup (optional)
    5. Get dressed for the day – get out of your pj’s!
    6. Now, after all this, get that cup of java/coffee/latte if you need it.
  6. Aromatherapy
    1. Diffuse a bright light eye opening blend of essential oils like Cheer from Dottera.
  7. Get your to – do list done before noon! How awesome is that to get most everything done before noon?
    1. Run errands early as possible, less traffic and less people out and about.
    2. Clean house, get it done and enjoy it for the day.
    3. Shopping, again less people, less traffic to deal with it.
    4. Guess what, your afternoon is more free to relax and do what you want to do.
    5. Get that inbox to zero!

I just love ViviannadDoesMakeup on YouTube and she has some wonderful videos to enjoy. This post was inspired by her video below.

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my daily filofax a5 printable…


I enjoy designing my own A5 size printables for my daily schedule and to-do list. In the picture is my current set-up. They have plenty of room for decorations too. I currently use a Filofax to hold my daily to-do sheets. I have a daily checkbox area to remind me of important things I am cultivating on a daily basis, like Prayer & Meditation. I needed a schedule for a good 11-12 hours and lots of space for to-do’s. I really like to break down my to-do list into small tasks. Keeping a long list of to-do’s may or may not suit you but it works great for me. I also write in today’s top three goals I am working on.

I also have for my monthly and weekly layouts the A5 2016 inserts (currently out of stock; but you can order quarterly ones). They are so nice, great quality, I highly recommend them.

I designed my daily agenda’s in Micro Soft Publisher 2013. I print them via a PDF file – 7 at a time on my multiplexing printer in booklet style. Cut them in half and punch holes for my 6 ring binder like my Filofax.

What kind of A5 inserts do you love? Comment below.

Another picture of them below.


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tour of my FiloFax…

P1010715.JPGI recently decided I wanted to try a 6 ring binder system as a planner. I choose a lovely blue A5 Domino FiloFax. I like the ability to change things around as I need to and add/subtract things too. A 6 ring binder system really gives you some room to grow and change. I am currently using this planner for my work/business planner. Housing projects, goals, calendar, notes, and more. I still love my Erin Condren planners but I use them for other record keeping items like my exercise/weight loss planner. See this previous post regarding my Erin Condren planners. (more…)

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#2015BlogReady challenge…

I wanted to highlight a little challenge I have signed up for this summer. The lovely Raine is hosting a #2015BlogReady challenge this summer. You can visit her site by clicking here.

What’s it all about…wanna get your blog really moving and grooving the way you want it too? Need some inspiration? Need someone to light a fire under your butt to post better content? Wanna grow your online business with your blog? Need help even starting a blog? Well, this challenge is for you. Join us! I am in, are you?




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