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don’t wait, just do it now…


What is one thing you can do today that will bring you closer to your dream?

Is waiting for the “PERFECT” moment or thing holding you back? I am here to tell you there is not time like now! Don’t hesitate to take a least one step forward in the direction you wish to go. You will only stay stuck if you wait for perfection to arrive. Use what you got now, and go for it. I am here to cheer you on. Know this applies to all things in your life. Even organization. Waiting for the perfect tool or system is a waste. Be creative with what you have and use what you got. Don’t get stuck in waiting mode. Do something now!

I was reading a lovely article from I Heart Planners on this subject and it reminded me to keep moving forward. Not to wait for the perfect time or thing to complete me. I have all I need right now. Sure I struggle with perfection each day, but I am learning from it and realizing I want to live a optimal life, not a perfect one. I am far from perfect. I am simply ME! And I am good enough.

What action steps can you take today to help move you forward? Write them down, comment below…

My motto for 2016 is keep moving forward!




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Evernote my holy grail organizer…

evernote ss

My holy grail organizer is Evernote. I keep all my important stuff there and more. It’s one powerful tool. I do pay yearly for the Premium version @ $49.99/year. It’s well worth it for my business to keep things straight.

I use Evernote to organize my life and it is cross platform capable. So when I update on my phone it updates to my PC desktop and vice verse.

Things I keep in my Evernote…

  • Notes on household items I need like what size vacuum cleaner bag do I need for my vacuum?
  • Lists of things I need to remember and update now and again.
  • Use Evernote Clipper to save GREAT web articles and such.
  • Ideas I have.
  • Penultimate docs via my iPad.
  • Skitch docs via my iPhone.
  • To Do list for things like household maintenance.
  • Special shopping list with product pictures and prices. Helpful so you don’t forget what foundation color you wear.
  • Passwords and logins.
  • Business related items.
  • IT info links and articles.
  • Webcam photos over time, great way to take a walk down memory lane.
  • And other great programs link to Evernote too.
    • Evernote Food
    • Scannable
    • Skitch
    • Penultimate

It’s like a massive brain dump. Keeping it out of my head and organized digitally. Easy and who doesn’t want easy? Right?

I recently discovered Scannable app on my iPhone to scan all my receipts and paperwork right into Evernote then I organize it from there. Quick and easy. Love it. Screenshot below.


What digital tools do you use to keep you organized? What do you keep in your Evernote? Comment below. Thanks!

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Should I start a blog?…


That’s a question that only you can answer but follow along for some thoughtful questions below.

  • How do you want to communicate to other people? Is a blog an appropriate form of communication for you and your story or brand?
  • Do you have a story to tell?
  • Would you like to tell it via a blog?
  • Don’t think your going to make money, it’s very hard to do but instead think of blogging as a communication platform for yourself or your brand.
  • Do you enjoy sharing things?
  • Are you technically inclined to set-up your own website and blogging platform or would you rather use a hosted platform like square space and
  • How would you style your blog? Mostly articles, mostly your photos, or both?
  • How often can you blog? Daily, Weekly? Whatever you choose be consistent!
  • What will you write about? What kind of content will you highlight in your blog?
  • Do you need a blog to help your business/brand?
  • Decided if it’s a personal site or a business site, not both. This site here is personal.
  • Do you even like writing? Even if it’s a lot or a little, what fits you best?

Ask yourself these questions and decide, is blogging right for me? Good luck and best wishes. Leave a comment below if you do have a blog, I’d love to stop over to read it.


Stop over at for a wonderful 2016 Blog Planner Kit/Map.Just sign up, it’s for free. It’s a nicely done workbook to help you brainstorm ideas and things for your blog.


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finding balance?!…

Finding balance in life is rather difficult because it doesn’t exists actually. No, sorry to say it’s more of a zig zag pattern. Ups, downs, and center. Navigating life is more about “How do you flourish?” from Martin Seligman, Ph. D., book Flourish.

What does it mean to you to flourish in your life? Living life optimally each day.

I know I definitely have to navigate life rather than look for a type of balance. I have many ups, downs, unders, over, and arounds. So I choose to live optimally. My mantra for 2016 is Optimal Living. Not perfection nor balance. I flourish there in being optimal. Do my best each moment at each tasks at hand, string those together and I’ve flourished.

How Do You Flourish?

Leave a comment, or share your story. Much love, Rebecca

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Effective time management tip…

Time blocking. The best workers out there make good use of their time at work. They do not let their inbox dictate their work schedule. Instead they use time blocking. A technique where you block out time on your daily schedule to work on certain projects, items, things, etc. Keeping your focus on this one thing really improves your quality of work and efficiency.

Remember to also block out some down time/breaks, planning time, and eating time, like lunch. We can find ourselves in a time warp and lunch has passed us by. No breaks either, this can cause undo stress on your mind and body. Stress is bad in more ways than one. It’s not necessary to live with undo stress we can combat it. You’ll feel better for it I promise.

I use a timer, like,  to help me stay focused for a certain amount of time I have blocked out. When times up, it’s time for a break and then another tip I have for you is, go to another type of activity. Work on one thing for say 1 hour then break for 15 minutes, then work on some other type of thing for another 1 hour. This eliminates burn out, and massive brain fog. Switching between activities really relieves your mind.

DO NOT multi-task when you block time, turn off all notifications and focus on the one task at hand. Remember you schedule in your break time, so don’t worry, you can always check your email then. Humans can’t necessarily multitask anyways. Bombarding your brain with more than one thing only slows it down. Multitasking lowers your work quality and efficiency. Read this article for more into on multi-tasking.

For more info on time blocking read this.


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