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Stop procrastinating…

I’m pretty good at procrastinating when I have things to do. How about you?

Here are my tips for getting past it…

  • 1. Do one small step at a time. The littlest action helps you stay in motion.
  • 2. Clean something, like the top of your desk. Decluttering or cleaning up and organizing your work space really helps.
  • 3. Do something else that is weighing heavy on your mind, get it out of the way so you can focus.
  • 4. Take a moment to relax. Take even just 10 minutes to relax and get centered.
  • 5. Journal all that’s floating in your mind, get everything out and down on paper. I keep a Brain Dump journal just for this purpose. It helps clear your mind.
  • 6. Set a work timer. Try using Forest app on your phone to help eliminate distractions.
  • 7. Make a list of all you have to do, choose one thing at a time to focus on. Take action towards that one thing, see No. 1 tip, start small.


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a step outside my comfort zone…

A new view.

A new routine.

A step outside my comfort zone. Which means doing something I normally would never do. Leave my home. I work from home all day, I need sometime away from home too. Away from my comfort zone. Get inspiration, converse with others, be around other people and take in the sunrise.

A new routine for me, 4-5 days a week, meet me at Starbucks. Taking some time for myself every work day to start my day off right. Take sometime to really enjoy my coffee, and write for the blog. Use my bujo and brain dump. Write out my thoughts for the day. Take it slow and enjoy is the theme. The theme to start my day off right.

What are you doing to start your day off right? Anything new you’re trying for the new year, 2017?


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know your path in life…


How does you know your path in life?

Questions! Ask yourself many questions and answer honestly.

Ask questions about your present life? Are you where you hoped to be? Is your life fulfilling? What changes can I make now to improve my life?

Get help if need be. Hire a trainer, mentor, or coach. Together you can discover you way together sometimes.

Plan your future. What does it look like, write it all out. Then…start taking action steps towards that future. It won’t all happen at once. But everyday schedule something in that moves you closer to your goal.

Change, know that your path will change as time goes by even year to year. And that is ok. That is normal. Change is inevitable.

Have you ever really sat down quietly and reflected on the way your life is going? No? Well give it a try sometime. Break down the roles you hold in life. Set up strategic goals to move you forward.

What are you doing now to keep moving forward in life?

I know I am re-hiring my wellness coach Connie Trowbridge to help me for the next 6 months+ get my health and wellness in check and keep it that way. I admit I feel into old patterns recently and I realize very much that is NOT where I want to be. I want so much more from myself and my precious body. Again, what changes are you making today to move forward? Comment below.

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do you know where your going in life?…


Do you know where your going in life?

Have you ever considered writing out a life plan? I am currently reading Living Forward. It’s about making a life plan for your life.

Do you know where you are now? Where you want to go? And the action steps to get there?

Write it all out. Get it out of your head down on paper. Make plans and take action towards living the life you want to live. It is never to late to stop drifting in life.

I am taking 1 day (soon) to write my life plan out. What areas of your life are you improving day to day? Where can you improve? What’s going really well for you?

Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want – read this!


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MAC or PC?…


MAC (Apple) or PC? Which do you prefer?

Age old question. Which do you prefer to use in your business and daily life?

I myself have both, in fact I just unpacked my big MAC from it’s box in storage after our move to our new apartment recently.

BUT…I am a PC girl at heart <3. I prefer to do my business work on a PC. I grew up on a PC and find it hard to transition everything to the MAC. Most my software purchases have been for the PC and that costs money to transition those over.

I guess another question is? Laptop or Desktop? I now prefer a laptop pc, so I can be mobile anytime I need to be but it’s a PC.

Let me know in the comments Mac or PC?

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