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new skincare essence oil…


My newest favorite skincare item on my vanity is:

Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins
Mega-Defense Barrier-Boosting Essence Oil

Essence Oils are all the rage right now. As part of a good skincare regime. I love how light this is, I use it morning and night. After my serum and before moisturizer. Smells wonderful too. How are you keeping your skin in shape this summer?

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how to use coconut oil…


I use coconut oil to boost my thyroid function and metabolism.

Unlike the polyunsaturated oils in many foods, coconut oil is high in (healthy) saturated fat, lauric acid, and medium chain fatty acids. It’s unique structure makes it a highly usable source of energy for the body and its particular fat balance is nourishing to the thyroid. Click here to learn more.

I put 1T of coconut oil in my coffee each day. I also add 1T coconut oil to my smoothie’s and protein shake’s.

What are some unexpected ways to use coconut oil around the house and for yourself? Read this article here.

Some of my favorite ways are:

  1. As a moisturizer
  2. As a hair mask
  3. As a salt scrub base
  4. As butter in baking
  5. As a addition to my coffee

Coconut oil is good for you inside and outside. Be sure to buy organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil. Try this one from Thrive Market.

How do you like to use coconut oil? Comment below.

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my favorite skincare…


Origins Dr. Weil Mega-Bright. I use the entire line of products to give myself a wonderful glow. I am a big fan of all Origins products. I have used Origins products for years. Their pricing structure is pretty good too, not to expensive for what you get. The cleanser MEGA-BRIGHT SKIN ILLUMINATING CLEANSER works well for my skin all year round; washes off clean too. I use the serum under my moisturizer for an extra boost of Vitamin C. The MEGA-BRIGHT DARK SPOT CORRECTING NIGHT MASK is wonderful for a nightly treatment and boost of moisture too. The eye cream is great for daytime use, it really helps improve my dark circles…
MEGA-BRIGHT DARK CIRCLE MINIMIZER. There are other Origins skincare and body care products I use daily too. If your looking for a new skincare regime, I suggest this one. Vitamin C is so good for brightening dull skin.

Remember good self-care is important for a healthy mind and body. Make good skincare part of your self-care today.

Fortified with Dr. Weil’s powerful, skin-brightening Rosa roxburghii complex, the Mega-Bright collection helps visibly reduce dark spots and even skin tone. -Origins


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