Expectation Hangover
Expectation Hangover

One of my favorite and most helpful self help books of all time, “Expectation Hangover -by Christine Hassler”. I have written about this book before but it deserves another post.

We all face setbacks we cannot control, yet we often forget that we have a choice about how to handle those setbacks. The Expectation Hangovers we feel in the wake of disappointment, failure, or loss can become doorways to tremendous opportunities and life-changing gifts.

Managing your expectations is not about lowering your standards. Master coach Christine Hassler explains how to pursue the right goals for the right reasons and also what to do when things don’t work out as expected. By the time you finish this book, you’ll understand why setbacks happen and have a clear course of action to pursue your dreams. – Christine Hassler

I really think you, my reader, would enjoy this book too. I keep this book handy at all times because it has great tools to help you get past ANY disappointment and move on with you life. Enjoy life more.

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