Do you need some inspiration to live in your creative zone? To embrace that creative zone? To move past fear and just create something, anything that you feel in your heart? This is the book for you.

This book is for you. Such wonderful inspiration. Be consistent no matter what, be persistent no matter what. Just create. I came across this book via a book club of sorts I belong too. I thank the wonderful Christine Hassler for the club and idea to read along with her. This “club” is way more than a book club it’s a beautiful place to be held in the light of love and progress forward in your life. Reading a book a month is just one thing we do. There is so much goodness in the circle, you’ll want in. Want more information, Join us in the Inner Circle!

I found the section on fear to be most helpful and inspiring. We all experience some sort of fear when it come to creativity. Why let that hold you back. Why not embrace fear, don’t let it drive the car, and create anyways. I know I have a mean inner critic that tells me daily I am not worthy to create anything of any value. Wow that’s harsh huh? So instead of listening to that darn inner critic I am embracing Mr. Fear and driving this car on my own. I am gonna create this blog for you to read no matter my fear of not being good enough. I am totally good enough to create what I want. It’s my god given right to create something awesome in life every single day. Even if I just create a storyline in my head visually by reading a good book.

My second favorite part of the book for wonderful inspiration is Permission. Give yourself permission to create what you want when you want where you want. Just create. Remember if you don’t create it, it will move onto someone else who will bring it into the light of our lives. Elizabeth tells wonderful stories and leads us to the inspiration we need to create.

This blog is my creation almost daily. I feel so inspired to share with you my story, my ideas, and my thoughts. This book has really inspired me to bust through the block of fear I feel, that my inner critic tells me lies and create. To share my story. My stories may help you in some way or not. Take what you can from what I write and leave the rest. But I encourage you to just create.

What are you creating today? Leave a note in the comments below.