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You can’t expect yourself to do it all. In fact, give yourself a break & schedule it into your day. Take 5. Take a load off. Breath.

Expecting to be able to do it all is just not a true statement. Learn now to release that expectation; “I can do it all.” What you can expect from yourself is “to do your best”. That my friend is good enough. You are enough and you’ll get done what is most important to you, leave the rest. You got this!

High expectations of ourselves will only lead to misery. We are human beings not wired to be perfect but to be real. We are wired to be beautifully human, with flaws and all.¬†Outside influences always expect us to do more, be more, say more, listen more, and work more. But you know deep inside, you can’t do it all. So figure out what’s most important to you and do that first and foremost. See how the rest will fall in line for you. Learn to say no more!

Want to learn more about the high expectations we put on ourselves & how it really makes us feel? I recommend a wonderful read by Christine Hassler, Expectation Hangover. Learn how to deal with your expectation hangovers. Overcome disappointment in work, love, and life. This book has help me tremendously get over all the expectations I put on myself on a daily basis. I consistently refer to it for it’s wonderful wisdom and advice.

On another note, want to listen about getting over your expectations, Christine has a NEW Podcast too! Listen in, it’s wonderful stuff.

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