Over this past weekend I got some sun, a little too much sun. But luckily I had this stuff in my beauty box. It’s summertime, and sometimes our sunscreen just doesn’t work as well as we’d like or we are out in the sun too much. I myself do not tan, I only turn red. I have fair skin, blue eyes, blonde hair, and freckles.

COOLA radical recovery after-sun lotion

Wow, what a difference this makes. Cools my sunburn down and helps heal it quickly. Replenishes, renews, and moisturizes, all in one. Good stuff for your summertime beauty care box. I also highly recommend any of the COOLA suncare products. Great stuff. For everyday I use the…

FACE SPF 30 UNSCENTED MATTE TINT Рthis stuff rocks. Great for sensitive skin and gives me a nice even skin tone. Note: it is drying on the face so be sure to moisturize too.


What are your after sun hints and tips? Besides Aloe Gel.